Xeropan Teaches English Through An Intuitive GAME Powered By The Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence

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Below is our recent interview with Attila AlGharawi, Co-founder of Xeropan:

Q: What is Xeropan? For those who have never heard of it, tell us something

A: Xeropan teaches English to 1 million people in 160 countries across the world through an intuitive GAME powered by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence. Just picture it, language learners have a digital language teacher with whom they can have a chat on various topics. It corrects, motivates and helps them, like a native language teacher would. He keeps buzzing in their ears to make them fight for their goals. Xeropan is available on Android, iOS and the web.

Xeropan for schools:
Xeropan is also available for teachers and schools. Language teachers can create virtual classes. They can access and freely search within Xeropan’s 3 years’ worth of English learning material (more than 1600 video, grammar and AI-supported speaking practice lessons, from beginner to advanced level), and choose tasks to assign their students. Teachers can precisely track students’ progress. The system constantly provides feedback regarding students’ strengths and weaknesses. Based on these, the system’s algorithm suggests that teachers assign further lessons to develop their students’ various language skills.

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Q: What is your core competence?

A: Xeropan teaches all aspects of the language efficiently. We provide video lessons with real-life language use, detailed grammar lessons, customizable vocabulary exercises and even AI-powered chatbots to teach conversations. I’d call it a one-stop shop for learning English!

Q: Who would be your ideal user and why?

A: Xeropan welcomes anyone from 0-100 years of age. Actually, one of our oldest learners is 84 years old. She studies with Xeropan so that can communicate better with her bilingual grandchildren who live abroad.

Anybody can try the basic version for free. The free version provides countless hours of practice material for those who want to give the app a try or those who just want to get some extra review with the help of fun lessons. For those who take language learning seriously, we have a PRO version that contains everything a learner might need. Since the app teaches English from the very beginning to perfect fluency, anyone can pick it up and find lessons appropriate for their level. We also have plenty of lessons for those who want to learn the professional language of finance and entrepreneurship.

And Xeropan isn’t only aimed at learners; our Xeropan Classroom platform makes the entirety of Xeropan’s material available for teachers to use in their lessons or assign during distance learning.

Q: You’ve recently raised €2,300,000 in Seed funding; can you tell us something more?

A: Yes, we’ve raised €2,300,000 in Seed+ funding thanks to our partners, Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management and Bonitás Asset Management Plc. Our common goal is to expand to countries and language schools all over the world with Xeropan Classroom with the hope that it might replace traditional textbooks. We’ll also teach new languages starting with German, Spanish and French in 2021 and 2022. We’re also constantly updating our English app with a plethora of new functions and improvements; in fact, we’re translating our app into new languages including Polish and Romanian.

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Q: What are your plans and goals for next year?

A: As I’ve mentioned, we’re currently working on new languages and we’re releasing our much anticipated German version this coming spring. After that we’ll continue developing the French and Spanish material. We’re also planning to reach 50 million users all over the world in new markets.