Goliath Technologies Continues Expansion Strategy With New Equity Partner Cloud-Oculus

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Existing End User Experience Management Portfolio Expanded to Support New Cloud Workloads

Goliath Technologies, a leader in end user experience management software, today announced they have entered into an equity partnership with Cloud-Oculus to expand their existing cloud monitoring product portfolio.

Today, Goliath Technologies provides IT professionals with end user experience management (EUEM) software to monitor and troubleshoot hybrid IT environments. Goliath offers visibility into end user experience issues and performance when using Citrix or VMware Horizon, on-premises, and/or in the cloud running on AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure Compute. The partnership with Cloud-Oculus adds a cloud native, containerized SaaS offering that will expand Goliath’s EUEM solution portfolio to include support for Amazon WorkSpaces, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Google Cloud.

“We are excited that the tech entrepreneurs at Cloud-Oculus selected Goliath as an equity partner to underwrite their sales and marketing expansion plans. Our equity partnerships can provide tech entrepreneurs with an alternative to raising venture capital,” shares Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies. “They were looking for funds to expand sales and marketing and our equity partnership can accomplish this in a way that mitigates risk, capitalizes on joint synergies, reduces dilution, and leaves them in control of their company to focus on product development.”

“My team built a great SaaS solution to solve end user problems when using cloud infrastructure and we wanted to expand quickly,” said the Founder of Cloud-Oculus. “We considered taking venture capital but having been down that path before I knew the associated risks. Instead, I decided on an equity partnership with Goliath Technologies because they immediately introduced our products to their current customers and generated sales cycles while we were completing due diligence. I believe this will create immediate non-dilutive sales revenue and equity value with much less risk than with third-party financing.”

Goliath Technologies has structured equity partnerships for years as a vehicle to support strategic growth initiatives, and the model has proven effective. Floyd Roberts, VP of Development for Goliath Performance Monitor, shares, “I owned Breakout Software and decided to form an equity partnership with Goliath Technologies over 8 years ago. My product fit the Goliath sales model and now it is being used by hundreds of enterprise customers. I was able to increase the value of my company and compensation to a much greater degree than if I tried to bootstrap or raise external funding. The Goliath partnership has been positive and rewarding from the start.”

If you are a tech entrepreneur looking for an alternative to venture capital, visit our website to learn more about our equity partnerships.

Written by Goliath Technologies:

Goliath Technologies enhances end user experience by enabling proactive IT. Our end user experience management, monitoring and troubleshooting products leverage embedded intelligence and automation to proactively identify events and conditions that cause performance issues and resolve them automatically with self-healing capabilities, before end users are impacted. Armed with our portfolio of software solutions IT Pros can deliver a seamless end user experience regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located. Customers include Universal Health Services, Ascension, CommonSpirit Health, Penn National Insurance, American Airlines, Liberty Mutual, Bell Canada, Xerox, HCL, and others.