How Project Management Software Helps You Kickstart Your Startup

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Startups can often get overwhelming to handle. For business owners, there’s a lot more than just coming up with an idea and putting their money on it. There are plenty of business operations that are needed to be taken care of in order to run a company successfully.

Hiring the relevant talent, establishing monthly goals, delegating adequate responsibilities, marketing your brand, managing the payrolls, and ensuring timely completion of projects are just a few of the many challenges that owners are required to tick off from their list.

Handling these many tasks all at once can often discourage an individual from starting their own firm.

To tackle such a situation, there are several digital tools and software in the market that acts as a support and makes managing a lot easier than one can imagine. One of these tools is a project management software.

This software takes the burden of task lists, time tracking, resource management, and a lot more. If you are tight on a budget or are not too convinced about investing in the tool, why not try any of the free project management software?

In this article, you can read about how this tool can be a savior when you are burdened with never-ending tasks.

Here’s how a project management software can be of help

  • Plan your projects effortlessly
  • As the name suggested, one of the key roles of a project management software is to allow you to plan and manage the tasks that each project brings with it easily. For the startups, you can create a list of all the tasks that you need to carry out. If you have partners or employees already, you can assign the task to each one of them and avoid any sort of errors.

    This tool also allows you to work on the time that each task might take, the cost of the project, proper schedules, set deadlines, and much more. You can track your progress as and when needed, and ensure that all your plans are up to date.

  • Effective resource management
  • Once you have hired employees, you wouldn’t want to overburden them with the workload. In fact, even if it’s multiple owners, it is best to avoid putting all the responsibilities on one person. It is important that you set healthier standards of work from day one itself.

    A project management tool helps you identify the workload that each member of your workforce is dealing with. This tool can help you understand which employee is undervalued or when it is time to hire new talents in the organization. Quite often, projects require multiple-layers of hierarchy to work on it. With the tool, you can easily assign teams to the managers and delegate the responsibilities effectively.

  • Increases transparency
  • Quite often, a project manager or leader is responsible for juggling multiple projects. It is important for them to run the projects parallelly in order to let the company thrive and become more competitive in the market. However, one challenge that comes with multitasking between multiple projects is the lack of transparency and visibility.

    Project management would fail if the managers are unable to identify the project progression as well as resource allocation. This is where project management software is helpful. The project management tool allows you to get an overview of the project, be it a completed one or the one that is in progress. This helps managers to prevent any roadblocks that might lead to failure of the project.


To conclude, we can say that project management software can truly come handy for startups. There is plenty of open source and free tools for managing projects that companies can start with before adopting a paid version.