StorageOS Raises $10 Million Series B Funding To Give Its Customers Total Control Of Their Storage Environment

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StorageOS is cloud native, software-defined storage for running containerized applications in production, running in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Below is our recent interview with Janki Kaura, Marketing Manager at StorageOS:

Q: What is StorageOS?

A: StorageOS gives customers total control of their storage environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud. By delivering persistent storage to applications in container environments, users can achieve all the business benefits of containers and orchestrators. As a fully software defined storage company, StorageOS offers an enterprise class, highly performant solution with features for today’s digital business.

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Q: What are some of the real-world results we can expect with your solution?

A: • The end-to-end storage platform – StorageOS is the future of storage providing you a complete cloud-native storage platform for running your mission critical applications seamlessly.
• Unmatched performance – StorageOS runs applications up to 15 times faster than any other storage provider on the market, giving industry-leading performance and low latency for your stateful applications.
• Secure by default – StorageOS enables security at every layer of the stack ensuring your data is safe at rest, and on the wire, with keys you control.
• Extremely lightweight – StorageOS has the smallest footprint improving your utilisation of resources.
• Run anything anywhere – The StorageOS platform enables you to run anything, anywhere, on any platform, it is flexible and lightweight allowing enterprise storage for applications wherever you are.
• Constantly available – StorageOS platform ensures high availability and rapid recovery for your business-critical applications wherever they are running.
• Ease of use – StorageOS is a software platform that installs anywhere within seconds enabling self-service automation for your volumes – cloud-native storage has never been so easy!

Q: We ‘ve read on your website that mostly developers and platform managers use your solution, but who can use it beside them?

A: Our platform is predominately built for developers and platform managers, we have seen a huge adoption with more than 5,000 customers globally implementing our software-defined storage solution across verticals like Financial Services, Managed Service Providers and Digital/Services.

Q: You’ve recently raised $10 Million in Series B funding; can you tell us something more?

A: Chris Evans Analyst at ArchitectingIT has published a new Performance Benchmarking Report evaluating four leading Kubernetes-based cloud native storage solutions has placed StorageOS ahead of Cloud Native Storage technologies from Longhorn, Rook/Ceph and OpenEBS.

Over the last few years, there has been rapid adoption of container-based applications and platforms such as Kubernetes. This has increased the need for persistent container storage and a move away from SAN-based plugins to container-native solutions that deliver storage — within the same or an adjacent cluster — to an application. StorageOS meets this market demand by providing fast, scalable, software-based block storage with rapid failover, replication, in-memory cache, data reduction and a built-in rules-engine.

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Q: What can we expect from StorageOS in next 12 months?

A: StorageOS will now invest further in its go-to-market strategy and scale its sales and customer facing technology teams to build its customer base and revenue.

Last Updated on June 13, 2021