Meet Willo – A Simple Asynchronous Video Communication Platform For Interviewing At Scale

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Below is our recent interview with Euan Cameron, the Founder and CEO of Willo:

Q: How would you describe Willo?

A: A simple asynchronous video communication platform for interviewing at scale. Receive video responses to your questions remotely from anyone, anywhere in the world. Willo integrates with Zapier, and it is available in 67 countries and fully GDPR compliant.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: We offer 1-way Q&A style video interviews which enable individuals and organisations around the world to see and hear from people in a more flexible way than a video conference or phone call. We have a laser focus on user experience.

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Q: Who would be your ideal user and why?

A: Our ideal user is someone who asks people the same question set frequently, either on a Zoom call, or in-person. Examples include customer researchers, recruiters, investors, journalists etc.

Q: What were the main challenges you faced in developing the company?

A: Finding the time for hours and hours of alpha and beta testing – when user experience is at the heart of everything you do, it’s essential. Plus the manufacturers are always throwing new devices and browsers into the market which introduces new compatibility challenges.

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Q: What can we expect from Willo in the future? What are your plans?

A: We continue to discover new use-cases and markets. We are particularly excited about our live 2-way video and AI features. I would also love to see us supporting more education and non-profits as our technology can be used to breakdown borders and create opportunity for everyone to be heard regardless of location.

Last Updated on November 8, 2020