Meet WetKeys – Largest Marketplace For Waterproof Computer Peripherals

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WetKeys Washable Keyboards, founded in 2008, is the single largest marketplace for waterproof computer peripherals. Below is our recent interview with Matt Dombrowski, Sales Manager at WetKeys:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to WetKeys?

A: At the time of our launch, we quickly drew the attention of the other major manufacturers and the media. Our products have been featured on CNBC, NBC’s Today Show and Fox News. WetKeys offers all major brands – the widest selection of completely sealed, washable computer keyboards and waterproof computer mice designed specifically for use in laboratories, healthcare clinics, educational settings, offices, industrial or food-safety applications, all in one place.

WetKeys and our sister brand SaniType Sanitary Typing protect your health and safety with easy-to-sanitize sealed keyboards and mice that are used throughout medical facilities and food processing plants to halt the spread of disease. SaniType highlights the need for sanitary typing and targets the healthcare industry. WetKeys addresses more rugged and industrial facility concerns for safe, clean, efficient workstations. With nearly 300 keyboard and mouse choices, the sales team at WetKeys are your Washable Keyboards Experts. Single-source, lower cost, factory-direct pricing makes the most of your budget and increases the safety and efficiency of your office.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your products?

A: First and foremost, we get asked this more than you would think, and yes, all our keyboards and mice are washable. We have a range of keyboards and mice that look, feel, and serve different types of industries. We have two major groups of products, internally sealed and fully sealed. Internally sealed are made of ABS plastic and look, type, and feel like a non-washable keyboard. These are great for administrative work or high-speed typing. The fully sealed keyboards are designed for industries and environments with more stringent regulations and protections. Our products have been complying with food safety regulations in meat packing plants, lowering the cross-contamination risk in hospitals, and providing clean workspaces in laboratories.

The versatility of our product line comes directly from our customer’s feedback and getting to know their needs. We regularly incorporate customer feedback to improve and expand our product line. We have found ways to meet the needs of different sectors because our products are versatile in their use and benefit. Flexible, fully sealed, silicone keyboards are popular with many of our food processing plants as a cost effective solution for outfitting multiple workstations throughout their facility, but we have some more specialized engineering customers who rely on the flexibility of the keyboard to lay flush with convex workstations.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: The ultimate WetKeys client is savvy and conscious about workplace safety. Our products help prevent the spread of disease, which during these times should be top of mind for any plant or facility manager. Our new client base is growing faster than ever, especially in education.

The public sector, like universities and libraries, have recently come to see the benefits of washable keyboards. With so much of today’s learning happening with technology, WetKeys wants to keep students and faculty safe. Most of our academic clients had been purchasing for the niche laboratory settings on campus. We are seeing a huge push to get all the keyboards on campus replaced with a washable alternative. Extensive cleaning protocols are becoming the norm at large universities to maintain safe operations in this time of COVID-19 concerns, and keyboards can be overlooked. We provide a durable keyboard solution that can withstand the necessary cleaning protocols. Libraries are in a similar position. As the cornerstone of community-based learning, libraries began to search for reliable cost-effective equipment to bolster intense cleaning protocols, keeping the everyday readers and researchers safe. By outfitting shared computer stations with WetKeys keyboards and mice, libraries save money by not having to replace equipment that fails from routine cleaning. We hope to see more of the public sector recognizing the benefit of washable keyboards and mice. Government buildings have shared work areas like the DMV testing computers or courthouse administrative desks. Keeping these shared spaces clean becomes a way to ensure everyone’s safety and limit community spread.

Q: What can we expect from WetKeys in next 6 months?

A: WetKeys has a few large projects in the works. We are expanding our product line to offer even more solutions and improving our website design and usability.

We are excited to announce an ABS plastic mouse with a scroll wheel coming to our WetKeys product line. It looks so much like a non-washable mouse that people may not realize it is waterproof, so we added the word “washable” directly to the exterior. We developed this part with more administrative workstations in mind. The new mouse is going to be the companion to our standard ABS plastic keyboard. With this combination keyboard and mouse, even more types of businesses will be able to have the protection of a sanitizable shared workstation in the office.

We are also introducing a rigid, fully sealed silicone, flat surface keyboard to our SaniType line, perfect for medical offices and laboratories. Accuracy is crucial and lifesaving when typing up patient chart notes, but hospitals are at greater risk for cross contamination. The keyboard is a rigid silicone keyboard with a permanent fitted membrane over raised keys, which provides a tactile response. The fitted membrane allows the surface to be completely smooth with no raised edges for debris to get caught around and between.

WetKeys will be getting a digital makeover. With increased traffic, we are learning more about the user experience on our site. We want to develop a site that works well for our customers and allows us to develop new business relationships. Increasing the distribution and the awareness of our productsis the major goal that we hope to accomplish with a new and improved site. The past few months have been a huge growth period for us, and we are looking toward the future. We are excited to protect more users with our keyboards and mice.

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Q: What is the best thing about WetKeys that people might not know about?

A: While we are proud of providing an essential product to many industries, we, as a business, have a lot to celebrate. WetKeys is a certified Small Business Enterprise. We are a small team operating in a large market. Having a small team does not mean having a small footprint. We have many large clients that have been purchasing for years. Being a smaller team gives us an edge, since we can be more personalized with our customer relations. When you call WetKeys, you are put in contact directly with an informed technical sales consultant who can guide you through the process of finding the right infection prevention solution. To help increase our focus on diversity, WetKeys has joined the OUT Georgia Business Alliance, Georgia’s only LGBTQ+ and Allied Chamber of Commerce, a local chamber of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. We are honored to be a part of a group of local businesses supporting other each other and our community. We want to promote safe, clean, and equal workspaces across all the industries we proudly service.