Introducing Fisibility: The Multi-Language & Multi-Currency AI Financial Digital Assistant

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Fisibility is an early stage, privately held tech startup that has created a multi-sided SaaS based AI platform named “CIP” (Capital Intelligence Platform) for use by Banks, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Mezzanine Firms, AR & AP Factoring Firms, Fin-Tech firms, High Net Worth Investors, Privately Held Business, as well as Personal & Household Users that delivers Digital, Secure, and Comprehensive financial transaction monitoring & transparency, daily task automation, data consolidation, data audits, along with good news, bad news, and general news consulting called CIPBITS. Below is our recent interview with Ana Garcia from Fisibility:

A: What is your mission and vision?

Fisibility currently operates primarily in the North American and Latin American markets with multiple patents pending, AES 256-bit data encryption + a “CIPIT Safe” User Self-Service Data Encryption Multiplier.

Fisibility Mission: To assist all people with achieving better insight into and better control over their finances and investments.

Fisibility Vision: To become the world’s largest and most utilized financial digital assistant platform.

What is Fisibility?

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency “Financial Visibility” AI Digital Assistant

Currently Fisibility has three products available that serve the mass market.

  • Fisibility Lite App for Business & Personal Use.
  • Fisibility Capital Intelligence Platform (CIP) for Capital Provider & Business Use
  • Fisibility Global Investment Registry (GIR) for Capital Provider & Business Use

1) The Fisibility Lite AI Financial Digital Assistant App for iOS and Android devices Organizes All Business & Personal Finances in a single App.

Why Fisibility Lite?

  1. Fisibility identified most mobile apps pertaining to finances and money management are either tailored for business use OR personal use (not for both)
  2. Many of the “free” apps contain ads, which Fisibility deems as perhaps not the most “secure” approach for users when it comes to business & personal financial data.
  3. Managing money and accounting work for most people is not only not fun, it is painful. Fisibility has identified a core intersection between “Needs” & “Desires” and created an App that makes managing money fun and functional by providing everyone with their own digital financial assistant to carry with you everywhere you go.

2) The CIP AI Financial SaaS platform Centralizes, Standardizes, and Analyzes all Financial and Contract related documentation within a single-system for use by Investors & Businesses of any stage and all sizes. Fisibility has designed this platform to be used as complimentary to existing accounting systems, ERP systems, risk management & compliance systems, and it can also be used as a stand-alone system.

Why CIP?

  1. Fisibility recognized that many of the available financial, accounting, & BI systems do a great job of showing and telling their users the “what” has happened with their Financials, but very few (if any) are proactively answering the “How” & the “Why” behind those same numbers.
  2. Fisibility believes that micro level data audits should and can become the “new normal” vs the generally accepted accounting audits allowing audits of a sub-set of data. What has generally been acceptable Fisibility deems as highly susceptible.
  3. Fisibility recognized that a multi-sided platform that could be used by the Business on one side and Investors on the other side simply wasn’t available in the marketplace, especially a multi-sided system that can:
  • Eliminate Cash Leakage (Customers, Vendors, & Employees)
  • Grow Revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Cash on Hand
  • Audit Accuracy of All Supplier Invoices (Digital AI)
  • Reconcile Bank Statements (Digital AI)
  • Intelligent Dashboards (Digital AI)
  • Monitor Financial Activity in Real-Time (Revenues, Expenses, & Profits)
  • Risk & Compliance Alerts (Digital AI)
  • Consolidate All Documents Into One Single-System
  • Multi-Investment Oversight in One Single-System (Debt, Equity, Mezzanine)
  • Eliminate Loan Defaults
  • Accelerate Data Intelligence in Real-Time
  • Answer “Why & How” About Financials Performance Activity
  • Compliment Existing Accounting Staff & Accounting Software
  • Digitally Audit All Data Activity not Partial Data Sets (Creating a “New Normal”)

3) The Fisibility Global Investment Registry delivers neutral and easy-to-access transparency between the Investor and the Business or Individual receiving the investment. This digital handshake in a centralized system becomes part of a digital ledger that is then visible to everyone.

Why Fisibility Global Investment Registry?

  • Fisibility recognized a lack of On-Demand & Accurate Transparency between Investors and the privately held Businesses & Individuals they have invested in. The visibility and access to this financial activity was not easily available or searchable in one single-system. There are multiple credit bureaus along with UCC filings that can be filed by a capital provider, however, none of these current data sources allow for the business or individual receiving any form of capital investment to digitally “confirm” the investment terms or investment amount publicly to then become part of a mutual-party digital handshake which is then logged into a digital ledger that is easily searchable and available to everyone.
  • Fisibility further recognized that as a result of the disparate nature of these non-centralized data sources available for registering investments and tracking compliance activities between capital providers and the businesses & individuals they are investing in, that not all of these data sources are being utilized comprehensively by both parties nor do they contain up to date or consistently accurate information which can also limit due diligence research and could introduce risk and no one wants to put their capital or their business at-risk.

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Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Fisibility recently announced the launch of its Fisibility Lite App designed for use by all people and has also made the app and its current features & benefits free for everyone to use.

Since this recent announcement, Fisibility anticipates that it could have well more than 5 million+ users using the app within the next 90 days all taking advantage of the app being available for Free.

The Fisibility Lite App is only for those users who care about being better at life and those who care about having more money at the end of every week and month.

The Fisibility Lite app was made for everyone and is currently free to everyone, however, the benefits of what the app provides will only be obtained by the type of user who would like to become more productive, more inspired to help and serve others, have more peace of mind when it comes to where their money is going and why; all while having fun using the App and being rewarded each time they are using the app.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: One potentially helpful insight into the Fisibility Lite App offering is that it will only be made available for free to everyone for a Yet To Be Determined time period.

Fisibility will certainly be grandfathering in all of our users who begin using the app now with all of the current features available, but the current offering of free for everyone will not last forever.

The app itself rewards users for “Leveling Up” from the first point achieved for the very first login all the way to a Diamond Class Level. The Financial Achievements puts the fun in functional for all users.

How so?

The achievement of more and more levels in the app is directly correlated to best practice financial stewardship, business management, and overall financial management. So the app is designed to reward users with financial management and accounting best practices built-in so that as users achieve new and greater levels within the App, the users will be experiencing new and greater levels of business and personal money management success! And…for all users who achieve Diamond Level, they will receive 3 free user licenses to the CIP system so there are multiple “tangible” rewards the Fisibility Lite App provides to all of its users.

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Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Over the next 6 months Fisibility plans to continue innovating and developing new products while also continuing the development and release of new features within its existing products.

Fisibility Lite Web-Version: Within the next 60-90 days Fisibility will be launching its Fisibility Lite Web-Version which will contain all of the features within the iOS and Android apps into a SaaS web-version.

CIP Next-Gen: Over the next 90-180 days Fisibility will be launching a newer version of the CIP system with a theme of “user self-service” which will absolutely cater to the user’s “on-demand” mindset.

These + many other new product offerings and features will be disclosed in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: The best thing about Fisibility that not many people might not know about is the Fisibility team.

So the best thing is really not a what, it is the “who.” The passion the team has to see all current and soon to be users live a better life is deeply rooted into the DNA of every Fisibility team member.

The Fisibility team is not just comprised of brilliant minds with phenomenal skill sets and dedicated work ethics; the team is comprised of humans who empathize and relate to other humans, especially when it comes to any discussion pertaining to money or money management. Questions the Fisibility team is passionate to see forever eliminated from a user’s thoughts or discussions with a family member or friend go something like: Where did I spend all my money? Why do I keep spending money on things I said I would not spend it on? Why are these annoying late fees so much?

What we are saying is, the Fisibility team is not comprised of a bunch of financial guru “holier than thou” people when it comes to financial management. The team all recognizes that money out of control = stress and anxiety, but money under control creates peace, and a sense of continued accomplishment. Fisibility wants to see everyone experience the latter in their life.

So the one thing most people wont know or ever see is how the Fisibility team will stay up until 3am or pull all nighters to meet a release schedule not because they have to but because they simply cannot wait to make a new feature available for their fellow peeps, to all peeps, to make their lives better!