Fintech Innovator In The Neo-Banking Space XTM Helps Businesses And Service Workers In The Hospitality And Personal Care Industry

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Below is our recent interview with Keeya Nunes, VP, Brand Marketing & Product XTM:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: XTM is a Miami and Toronto-based fintech innovator in the neo-banking space, helping businesses and service workers in the hospitality and personal care space disseminate and access earned wages and gratuities. XTM’s Today™ Solution, comprised of a free mobile app and a Visa or Mastercard debit card with free banking features, is used by thousands of restaurants, salons and staff across Canada and the United States. XTM is a global card issuer and real-time payment specialist and our technology is used by Restaurants, Salons and service staff at no charge to automate and expedite Earned Wage Access (EWA) and eliminate cash from their ecosystems. XTM’s Today solution drives enterprise value with efficiency and a bespoke user experience designed specifically for service workers.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Overall, we are most excited about our position in the race to dominate Earned Wage and Gratuity access for service workers. We’ve demonstrated our ability to innovate and execute; now it’s about continuing to build our brand and the trust of service workers across North America.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: We offer a free mobile bank account to service staff from which a member has all the flexibility of a regular bank paired with an app and Mastercard or Visa debit card that allows members to spend freely at point of sale in store or online, transfer money, pay bills, receive cash back rewards and more.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: The next six months will be momentous for XTM with ambitious plans to grow the US market organically and through acquisition. Our goal is to be able to execute on payroll in all 50 states by June 1, 2022.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: We are a BIG company with just a few people (less than 40). We have big ideas and we execute in a big way. As all employees are also shareholders we have a vested interest in working smart and delivering shareholder value. Our size as it relates to market share and strength will manifest itself in BIG way over the next few months.