Meet Cure Hydration – Functional Hydration Brand Formulated With Organic, Plant-Based Ingredients

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Below is our recent interview with Lauren Picasso, Founder & CEO at Cure Hydration:

Q: This is the first time we have spoken. Can you provide a brief overview of Cure Hydration?

A: Cure Hydration is a functional hydration brand formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients that make you feel good no matter where you are in your health or fitness journey. The drink mix is based on the World Health Organization standard for Oral Rehydration Solution which is proven to hydrate as effectively as an IV drip. We’re an omnichannel business that launched online in March 2019 and has now expanded into 4200 stores nationwide including CVS, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

Q: Can you explain the benefits of using your products?

A: Cure is a delicious source of electrolytes to help you hydrate and operate at your best. The formula contains 4x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks but uses organic, plant-based ingredients and contains no added sugar.

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Q: Who would be your ideal customer and why?

A: Cure Hydration provides clean, plant-based hydration for all. Whether you’re a marathon runner, a new mother or simply want to stay hydrated, we want to make wellness fun and accessible to a wide audience. With 75% of Americans being chronically dehydrated, we believe there is an opportunity to disrupt the $14.5B sports and energy drink market.

Q: You’ve recently raised $2,600,000 in seed funding; can you tell us something more?

A: Yes, we raised $2.6 million in Seed funding. The round was led by Lerer Hippeau, with participation from M3 Ventures, Casper CEO Philip Krim, and others.

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Q: What can we expect from Cure Hydration in the next 12 months?

A: We’ll be developing new products across a range of categories to meet the needs of our customer base while staying true to our principles that we are backed by science and use premium and organic ingredients. We also plan to scale the team, further expand distribution, and expand our partnership with SheIS to promote women’s sports.