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LOGIX is the largest privately-owned fiber‐based network infrastructure operator in Texas & offers business Internet, voice & data center services. Learn more. Below is our interview with Matt Murphy, CEO of LOGIX Fiber Networks:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to LOGIX Fiber Networks?

A: LOGIX Fiber Networks is the largest privately-owned fiber‐based network infrastructure operator in Texas, with a network that spans more than 265,000 miles. LOGIX provides highly reliable fiber-based data and voice services to over 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers and connects to more than 100 data centers in Texas.

Known for our outstanding Texas-based customer service, flexible connectivity options, and best-in-class reliability, LOGIX’s built-for-business fiber network delivers the reliability customers need so they can focus on their business.

Q: What types of solutions do you provide to your clients?

A: LOGIX’s affordable solutions leverage expertise accumulated over our 35-year history. LOGIX offers a broad range of business voice and data options for simple and complex configurations including Business Voice, Business Internet, Business Ethernet, Business Wavelength, Business Voice Cloud, Business Voice Trunks, Data Centers, and Cloud Connect.

We offer a number of business connectivity solutions, but the most important thing we deliver to our customers is consistency, speed and reliability.

Q: How can businesses benefit from using fiber-optic internet?

A: When your internet connection isn’t working, it is more than frustrating – downtime puts your revenue and business at risk. A fiber-optic network designed exclusively for business will prevent downtime and provides a variety of benefits, including:

● Faster Speeds. Your customers want to connect to you quickly and your employees rely on fast speeds to effectively do their jobs. Fiber-optic internet for business is blazing fast, with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps or higher.
● Increased Bandwidth without Limits and Low Latency. Bandwidth is the amount of data you can push your internet connection at any one time and latency is how long it takes for data to download. If you are using a cable provider or residential internet service, you may hit a bandwidth cap, or face “bandwidth throttling” when you have high usage levels. Fiber-optic internet access provides enough bandwidth and throughput to handle even the most demanding data transfers and keeps latency low.
● Dedicated Connections. With a dedicated, built-for-business fiber connection, your business won’t be sharing bandwidth with residential users and your internet connection won’t slow down if your neighbors jump online or during peak usage periods.
● Dedicated, Symmetrical Bandwidth. Unlike a cable provider’s asymmetrical speeds, the LOGIX’s fiber-optic network provides businesses with improved communications, faster eCommerce, and no throttling during peak hours.
● Increased Reliability. Fiber-optic networks for business can keep you in business even if there’s a problem somewhere down the line or a bad weather event. Since it reroutes traffic, you don’t miss a beat.
● Connecting to the Cloud. If your internet goes down, you lose access to your data stored at your office, data center and in the cloud. That’s a nightmare scenario for a business. Fiber-optic internet access provides a steadfast connection and consistent symmetrical speeds for reaching cloud computing and applications

Q: With ever-changing connectivity and data needs, reliability and accessibility are essential for businesses today. How is LOGIX evolving its business solutions to meet these changing connectivity needs?

A: We live in a world where connectivity is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. There has been a significant increase in data demand and usage from consumers and businesses alike, and the internet has quickly become the primary channel for business communications and productivity. Nearly every aspect of business has integrated cloud connectivity, data access and storage, and 96 percent of companies are now doing at least some part of their operation in the cloud.

LOGIX became the top fiber-optic network provider for business in Texas by recognizing how vital this connection is for businesses. Our growth has been fueled by a combination of organic and acquisition activities. We continue to invest in our network, people, and overall business infrastructure to ensure our customers get the best possible experience. For example, we are investing millions of dollars this year to expand and continuously improve our fiber network to reach new customers across our key markets.

Q: Let’s talk about security. Hackers are continually coming up with new ways to steal private data, and the negative impact on businesses is startling. How can a network provider serve as a first line of defense for business cybersecurity?

A: We recommend businesses look for a single provider who can offer a unified strategy that protects your whole network. The right network provider can deliver comprehensive, critical security features, such as a firewall, a virtual private network (VPN), intrusion prevention, content security, identity management, compliance validation and a secure wireless network. Additionally, a fiber-optic internet provider can offer a secure network that is not at risk of cable tapping. Unlike cable networks, the Logix network is typically built with fiber running underground, making it virtually impossible for hackers to gain physical access to the network.

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Q: What makes LOGIX unique?

A: There are three attributes that make LOGIX unique. First, our company is headquartered in our service area – Texas. Our customer care and service teams are local which means they deliver super-fast, friendly, and attentive service. Customers receive exceptional service from Texas-based LOGIX employees across all stages of design, installation, management, and support to deliver detailed attention to every customer. And, our customers talk to real people rather than impersonal, overseas, or out-of-state call centers that are used by larger cable firms and national telco providers.

Second, as a local provider, LOGIX can react faster and be more nimble to service the needs of our customers. LOGIX provides quick delivery of the right connectivity options to customers for fast provisioning and quick upgrades. LOGIX employees match a customer’s specific needs specifically with packages tailored for them. And as a smaller company, LOGIX has less overhead. Therefore, we’re priced extremely competitively across all areas of our business.

Third, LOGIX has built the most reliable built-for-business network across Texas. LOGIX is so reliable that we guarantee a 99.999 percent uptime for our customers – equivalent to less than six minutes of downtime in a year.

Our network’s reliability was demonstrated during recent natural disasters in Texas. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August 2017 and tornadoes hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area in October 2019, LOGIX’s network continued to run reliably, while many residential and national internet providers lost service to businesses.

Q: What’s next for LOGIX Fiber Networks?

A: LOGIX continues to install thousands of miles of fiber to connect businesses across Texas and Oklahoma and provides seamless connectivity solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. The robust and reliable fiber communications network we deploy enables exciting innovations in business, healthcare and technology and makes communities safer and better places to live.

LOGIX is constantly innovating to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. Over the last year, we have rolled out several new products including our hosted PBX platform and added more than 30,000 fiber miles to our network! We will continue to actively invest in Texas to ensure LOGIX remains the preferred choice for business connectivity.