JSP Toolbox Empowers Homeowner Associations To Manage Themselves, Easily And Affordably

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Below is our recent interview with Jason Parr, CEO of JSP Toolbox:

Q: Jason, can you provide our readers with a brief introduction to JSP Toolbox?

A: JSP Toolbox is an online suite of tools and resources that empowers homeowner associations (HOAs) to manage themselves, easily and affordably.

Larger HOAs can afford to hire a full-service management company like JSP Properties LLC, but smaller HOAs often can’t.

After over 20 years in HOA professional management, the founders of JSP Properties LLC created JSP Toolbox to help small- to mid-sized HOAs manage themselves easily and affordably after recognizing a marketplace need for this right size service.

JSP Toolbox includes many tools, systems, and processes used with our full-service professional management.

Our online system is a toolbox of systems to ease HOA operations. One tool centralizes email conversations between board members, correspondence with homeowners. Another provides info about state law and financial management along with vendor partner options. See exactly what needs to be done, and when, under a cost effective, subscription based pricing format.

JSP Properties LLC is a property management company serving large-scale residential condos and communities in Minnesota and California. JSP Toolbox takes the core aspects and systems needed to operate an HOA and offers this in a right size option.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: JSP Toolbox features

• Basecamp, a centralized communication hub. Every board member and homeowner has access. Easily collect dues, schedule events and complete other HOA tasks. Cut down on in-person meetings by communicating online.
• A Gmail account. Sync up email correspondence with one @jsptoolbox.com address. Robust search feature makes it simple to find past emails.
• QuickBooks, a financial tracking system. All the financial templates and budget documents you need in one place. Easily manage income and expenses, budgeting, and asset reporting.
• A Resource Library, packed with Help Guides, Ask the Expert posts, form and templates, legal info and more. Everything you need to get up to speed on HOA management is right here.
• Professional support. JSP Toolbox is backed by the professional property managers at JSP Properties. We’ve been managing HOAs for over 20 years, and we draw on this expertise to support and guide you. We’ve got your back.
• HomeAdvisor Concierge service. We’ve partnered with HomeAdvisor, an online hub that lists pre- screened, licensed contractors. As a JSP Toolbox member, you get exclusive access to our HomeAdvisor Concierge, who can help you quickly find the right pros for your HOA repairs, maintenance and renovations.

Q: Who are your clients and what markets are you targeting?

A: • Self-managed HOAs throughout the U.S.
• Small-to-mid sized HOAs throughout the U.S.
• Professional HOA managers looking for technology solution to manage their HOA portfolio in U.S.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like JSP Toolbox?

A: The U.S. HOA market is moving to a technology based solution offering and in particular a subscription based format pricing as demographics, and as general market and consumer preferences shift to an accepting technology solution for late stage adopting industries, like HOA management.

HOAs comprise a large share of new residential construction in the U.S. and this looks to continue as market shifts to a community-based housing model.

JSP Toolbox provides a timely solution to many obstacles facing HOAs, namely lack of time, understanding, and funds to hire other options in the marketplace, but requiring tools to operate their HOA.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We are expanding our client base throughout the U.S., while partnering with leading HOA industry companies to serve a market of 35-40% of all U.S. HOAs.

We want to be the leading technology solution offering to HOAs in this marketspace.