An Interview With Rick Morgan, Managing Partner At Regents Consulting Group

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Regents Consulting is a Professional Services firm that is a recognized Strategic Thought Partner by its Customers and Talent. Below is our recent interview with Rick Morgan, Managing Partner at Regents Consulting Group:

Q: Rick, can you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Regents Consulting Group?

A: We are a team of highly skilled, vastly experienced Staffing & Services Industry Experts who make adding value first the focus of every business relationship.

Our leadership team has been working together under various brands since 1999. The Regents Brand was launched in 2011 and as of 2019, Regents is an independent entity that is led by its founders and able to offer a variety of solutions under an ‘easy to do business’ leadership model.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: Regents is Different by Design

Regents Listens.

We Seek to Understand before offering Solutions.

Due to our interaction with Executive level leadership with Staffing Organizations, we have insight into the ‘dos and don’ts’ when undergoing a large ERP project, Governance implementation, and other Strategic topics that are discussed across boardrooms.

Regents thrives on partnering with our customers to provide solutions that solve their big problems. Our expertise focus includes (but not limited to):

· System and Vendor Selection
· System Integrator / System Implementation
· Customized Systems Design / Architecture

  • o Custom Time Entry Solutions
  • o Enhanced Pay/Bill Integrations and Reconciliation Tools
  • o Retro Rate Adjustments, Commission Splits, WIP Reconciliation, Pay When Paid
  • o VMS Integration

· Process Transformation / Best Practice

  • o RPA – Robotic Process Automation
  • o Assistance in mapping “as is” processes
  • o Ability to design more effective and efficient future-state processes

· PMO/Program & Project Management (Agile, Waterfall and other methodologies)
· Lean Governance Program Set-up

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Q: What are your core principles?

A: We Exceed Expectations

We LISTEN … to our Customers and to our Talent. Regents believes that by LISTENING, Learning and then Solutioning – real Value can be realized. Every consultative opportunity starts with establishing a deep foundation of Understanding prior to defining the work effort. Regents brings a structured approach to analyze, design, construct, improve, and deploy industry leading solutions for your organization. Regents commits to cautious counsel as it relates to your fiscal and resource investment as we guide you to the solution that delivers your expected outcome.

Every successful engagement creates a complex composition of orchestrated tasks, employing the talent of its individual players to execute to a plan. Our clients expect knowledgeable resources, clear methodology, decisive action, thorough planning and great communication. Our consultants seek to discover, own, and solve business issues in ways that surprise and delight, providing unexpected results that exceed the requirements of discovery and implementation.

We Empower

The consultants who become a part of the Regents team all have demonstrated skills and abilities accumulated through years of professional experience. Our management approach promotes self-accountability, self-responsibility and self-motivation for resources who know how to be decisive, make recommendations, and take action. This is empowerment.

Regents consultants commit the energy and time needed to ensure that client’s resources are similarly empowered; that they have the knowledge and clarity of purpose to achieve their goals and those of their company.

Organizing timely, quality communication is the context in which we empower our resources to have the freedom to act, to use their talent effectively and without unwarranted constraints.

We Energize

Regents culture and methodology creates a highly energized, positive work environment where exceptional people feel exceptional about themselves and their contributions to the organization.

Regents work processes and methodology are designed to create a fun and energized work environment that supports creativity, productivity and high engagement – both for our customers and our talent. We believe that Engaged people are Energized – Energized people have fun, love what they do and ways to continually add value.

We Empathize

Regents believes that Listening to Understand before Solutioning applies to both our clients and our talent. Our years of experience proves that listening to the diverse blend of opinions and backgrounds of our clients and talent from around the globe provides superior solutions.

Understanding a situation from many points of view and incorporating the natural diversity of opinion, experience and perception found in client and consulting teams is a core value for Regents. Some organizations consider this collaboration. Regents believes that empathizing takes collaboration to a higher level.

We Evolve

As an organization we are in a steady state of continuous learning that ensures that we are constantly evolving. We believe that our ability to build our knowledge base, stay current with industry trends and technology adds value to both our customers and talent.

We learn by taking managed risks, not repeating mistakes, and by pushing ourselves forward with new ideas and innovative problem-solving approaches. We make ourselves stronger and more valuable each day by evolving as an organization and as individuals.

Q: Who are your clients and what are some of the key challenges you’re helping them solve?

A: Regents leadership have worked together under several brands since 1998. Since its beginning in 2011, Regents has solved problems for 4 of the 5 largest Global Staffing/Services companies as well as the majority of the top 20. Regents solutions and expertise aligns with small, mid-sized and the larger companies.

Regents approach is to listen to an organization’s problems and deliver the most fiscally and operationally solvent solution possible based on our years of serving the industry.

Recently, Regents was brought in as the Systems Integrator for a Services transformation project that moved a multi-million dollar organization from spreadsheets to an ERP solution that included proposals, budgets, resource management and leading edge project performance reporting. Regents has implemented many digital transformation initiatives driving significant efficiencies across Front, Mid and Back Office operations – especially as it relates to Pay/Bill and Time capture and processing. Additionally, Regents has impacted IT operations driving toward cloud based solutions.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: Our mission is to become the Staffing Industries Trusted Thought Partner by delivering solutions that create a lasting legacy.

When Regents completes our customer’s specified statement of work, they are left with solutions that will continue to add value throughout their life-cycle.

Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy and partnership that can be trusted today and in the future.