Airbnb Does Not Care, Check AirB Aware

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“If the $40 Billion Airbnb conglomerate cannot afford to secure its client’s basic information needs, then we will.”, says Nicolas Lund-Larsen founder of AirB Aware, a free consumer service website for Airbnb users and vacation renters.

When Airbnb hosts rent out their homes against the rules of a condo association, travelers have no idea that they are in violation of the condo rules and that they might not be welcome. That creates tension and unwarranted confrontations that have left travelers on the street. That is changing with Air B Aware, a free service, that advises people about buildings that do not welcome vacation rentals.

Airbnb has no respect for rules

As the vacation rental industry grows at an exponential rate, tension between travelers and residential buildings and communities grows proportionally. Residents consider the building their home and do not want to be invaded by strangers. Many residents have to go through background checks and pay high maintenance fees for their privacy and security. Safeguards that are circumvented by the invasion of Airbnb guests.

Airbnb, and other platforms, do not respect residential building’s rules and dismisses their requests to take down listings in buildings that do not allow vacation rentals.

AirB Aware is designed to protect innocent consumers from an industry with no apparent accountability.

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People want to do the right thing

Most people prefer to not be a bother, if it can be avoided. But there are no warning signs anywhere about places where travelers are not welcome. And that creates a demand for information that Airbnb does not wish to deliver.

“Cities and municipalities can restrict Airbnb, however enforcement is difficult and while it is a money machine for hosts and the vacation rental companies, the losers are families and people that wish to enjoy their homes in peace. But Airbnb does not care about them at all.”, says Nicolas Lund-Larsen.

“We are filling an information gap that is growing wider and wider. We protect travelers from unscrupulous vendors, and by default, residents in buildings that do not allow short term rentals. We believe that if they know that a building or community does not want their visit, travelers will most likely find another place to stay. There are plenty of places where Airbnb is welcome.”, Nicolas Lund-Larsen continues.

How does it work

Air B Aware is a database of buildings and communities that have proven through their bylaws that they do not allow short term rentals. Users of AirB Aware can browse the site for free, input the address or building name of their destination and see if it does not allow vacation rentals.

“We are helping both sides, the travelers on one side and the buildings and communities and their residents on the other. Someone has to step up and provide the correct information.”, says Nicolas Lund-Larsen

Residential buildings and HOAs may be listed on AirB Aware for free. All they need to do is prove that they have rental restrictions.