PSSC Labs Designs, Builds, And Integrates On-Premises HPC Solutions

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For technology powered visionaries with a passion for challenging the status quo, PSSC Labs is the answer for hand-crafted HPC, AI and Big Data on-premise and hybrid cloud computing solutions that deliver relentless performance with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership. Below is our recent interview with Alex Lesser, VP of Sales at PSSC Labs:

Q: Alex, can you tell us something more about the industries you are supporting?

A: We are true innovators supporting a variety of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Life Sciences & Weather Prediction. For 25+ years, we are proud to support the United States Department of Defense, NASA, NIH, Fortune 500s and SMBs.

Q: I read something about your recent partnership with Elastic; could you tell us something more?

A: The Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance is an on-premise computing platform powered by Elastic and certified compatible with Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE), which allows users to centrally manage and monitor their Elasticsearch deployments for use cases like search, observability, and security. The system includes all necessary hardware, networking, support, and software for a simple, one-step deployment.

Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance Tech Specs include:
• 3 Director Nodes, 3 Proxy Nodes, 2 Hot Allocator Nodes & 2 Warm Allocator Nodes
• 20.7 TB Total High Performance Enterprise Flash Storage
• 3.2 TB High Performance Enterprise NVME Storage on Hot Allocator Nodes
• 17.5 TB High Performance Enterprise Flash Storage on Warm Allocator Nodes
• Includes 1 Replica for High Availability of Hot and Warm Storage
• 80 Total Intel Xeon Scalable CPU Cores
• 704 GB Total High Performance ECC Registered Memory
• 6 x Elastic Cloud Enterprise Subscriptions
• 10 GigE High Performance Network Backplane
• Management & Monitoring Network Included
• Rack & Power Infrastructure Included
• Red Hat Linux Operating System

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Q: What types of solutions do you provide to your clients?

A: PSSC Labs offers on-premise server and hybrid cloud products for a variety of needs, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, high performance computing, range safety analysis, high throughput genomics, weather modeling, and more. Our solutions are specifically designed with the end user in mind. We custom-tailor each product to help our client accomplish their business objectives with ease and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our products include:
• AI/HPC servers
• Big Data servers
• Database servers
• Storage servers
• HPC clusters
• Big Data clusters
• Storage clusters

Q: Who are your clients? Which industries do you serve?

A: Government: US Department of Defense, NASA, NIH, National Labs, among others
Education: MIT, Caltech, Stanford, University of California and hundreds more
Corporations: General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Roche Diagnostics, Pinterest, and several others

Any organization (regardless of size and location) that requires any computing power is a target for us. We service nearly all industries, including higher education, military and government, engineering and manufacturing, life sciences, earth sciences and energy/oil & gas, among others.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: The fun part of technology is where it’s going to take you next. Having been in business for 25+ years, we have seen that the best laid plans are rarely accomplished. But don’t confuse this with lack of vision. We are looking at our product mix 12 to 24 months out and working to position those for perceived markets. Just as important are our efforts to remain flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing technology industry and the needs of our clients.