Wright1 Consulting Helps You Operate More Efficiently Through Many Tailor Services, Like Training Project Managers, And Establishing Frameworks

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Wright1 provides tailored solutions and services in the areas of project management, governance, business and technology improvement, and cyber and data security. Below is our recent interview with Shelly Wright, Founder at Wright1 Consulting:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Wright1 Consulting?

A: We focus on enabling our clients’ to operate more efficiently through many tailor services, such as training project managers, running projects, establishing frameworks, process improvement efforts, and more. Wright1 works with our clients to implement approaches that give them peace of mind that you, your employees, and customer data is safe and takes the guesswork out of operational delivery and project management results.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Wright1 focuses on three core verticals project and product management, governance, and cybersecurity.

Our customers come to us with common problems; why do projects get delayed, cost so much, and have inconsistent results. It seems as if “project magicians” are needed, and only then product and project delivery seem still a gamble. Wright1 takes the guesswork out of product management and project management by offering training, maturity assessments, business case development, and project delivery, and tailored approaches to helping our clients stay ahead of their competition.

Some customers wonder why they are not getting as much from their day to day operational spend as in previous years. Through organizational, corporate, process, and information technology maturity assessments, process improvement recommendations, framework establishments, Kanban/agile projects, and advisory services, we aid companies in identifying and implementing ways to operate more efficiently while keeping up with changes in the industry. It’s not so much about working “harder” but more strategically and efficiently in lockstep with their customer needs.

Many customers worry about brand reputation, hacking, ransomware, and high penalties. We understand how difficult it is to keep up with regulations, policy, and security threats and changes. We know how overwhelming it is to determine how to know the right level of security investment. Through our customer-based assessment approach, we can identify, tailor, and provide training, advice, and implementation support services to help address these organizational needs.

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Q: What makes your company the best choice for customized project management and governance solutions?

A: Many of our customers select us because of:

– Our customer-first approach driven by industry experts with many years of experience
– Our successful track record and results from leading $227M multi-year strategic initiatives that completed ahead of schedule and under budget while achieving all security and quality objectives to operating as cybersecurity and business advisors privately identifying and partnering to address the opportunity for improvement, to
– Our success in reforming companies to a position for exponential growth

We believe in the long-term relationships with our clients respecting and honoring the trusted advisor role making our clients’ needs a reality. We focus on “hearing” the results our clients are looking for or the challenges they are facing through keeping up with the changing trends in technology and the industry overall. We “backward” plan for them a roadmap that deliveries just what they need.

Q: Who are your clients, and what are some of the key challenges you’re helping them solve?

A: Our customers come from many different industries, such as entertainment, healthcare, finance, any more. Facing similar problems, such as how to:

Save money yet ensure products and projects complete on-time, -budget, and within their quality objects,
Prevent process stagnation, inefficiencies, and loss of market share,
Alleviate fear around compliance, penalties, losses, and confusion on the various compliance and security solutions, and
Stop wasting time, effort, and money for little results.

Our clients want to operate strategically and efficiently above their competitors. They want to be a secure company, on the cutting edge of their industry, protecting theirs and their customers’ data. Our clients want to stand out by delivering gold-standard products, projects, consistently, and predictably with excellent returns on their investments, differentiating them from their competitors.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future

A: Our goal is to be trusted advisors and long-term partners with our clients in the space of product management, project management, process improvement, governance, and IT/cybersecurity. Our clients are part of the family where their success drives and fuels our success. While technology is often very black and white, we strive to be creative and look for different ways for business success and growth, enabling our clients and us to move confidently into the future.