GigX – A Fast-Growing Online Directory For Fractional CxOs And Director-Level Professionals

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GigX is the world’s leading directory for independent professionals, connecting organizations looking for top talent with independent leaders seeking fractional, interim, consulting or contract positions. Below is our recent interview with John Fox, Co-Founder & CEO at GigX:

Q: John, what are the key benefits of using GigX?

A: Unlike search or recruiting firms, GigX provides the introduction between independent professionals and the organizations seeking to hire them, and then steps out of the way, letting them discuss the details and terms amongst themselves.

Members choose from affordable membership tiers, including a new free option, to list their profile in the GigX Directory. Even at the Platinum level, it’s a small investment that is easily recouped with just an hour or two of work.

Organizations search for talent for free, and can sort matches by title, industry or experience level.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: The GigX Directory is for independent professionals at the director level or above. The gig economy is growing at all levels of the workforce, and we’re seeing an increasing number of executives who want to shift from full-time work with one employer to part-time or short-term positions with multiple companies.

Some of these fractional leaders have their marketing and sales pitch ready to go, and they sign up with GigX at the Silver or Gold level and immediately have a professional platform to attract clients. There are also some CxO’s who prefer Platinum level, administrative help creating their profiles to ensure they shine a light on their areas of expertise and are supported with examples of their successes. Regardless of the membership tier, the ideal profile conveys a sense of the member’s ability to make an impact in future roles in addition to the breadth and depth of their experience.

The organizations using the GigX Directory to source fractional leaders span from startups, to companies poised for growth, to mature corporations. What they have in common is the savvy use of independent professionals to fill targeted roles without the fully burdened expenses of full-time executives.

Q: What’s the best thing about GigX that people might not know about?

A: What some may not know is that with our new membership tiers, we’ve created options to help a wider range of leaders succeed in their fractional careers, whether they’ve been working independently for years or are looking for their next gig.

The new Bronze option lets professionals “claim their name” in the GigX Directory for free, which is ideal for leaders who are testing the waters of independent working. Most of our members choose the Silver level, which allows for more detailed profile information and a single title, or the Gold level, which provides for even greater profile options and up to eight titles. For a limited time, GigX is offering a free upgrade from Silver to Gold. At the Platinum level, GigX provides a Profile Concierge to co-create a listing optimized for the member’s preferred client base. All membership tiers offer monthly payment options.

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Q: What can we expect from GigX in the next 12 months?

A: As organizations respond to the operational and economic impact of COVID-19, we expect accelerated hiring of fractional leaders. Businesses are increasingly turning to consultants and independent leaders to help them strategize in multiple ways, including pivoting their offerings, developing safety protocols for reopening, and restructuring their organizations to survive and thrive. We also see businesses replacing full-time leadership roles with fractional CxO’s in response to the need to achieve more value with less payroll expense.

Last Updated on August 3, 2020