Unleashed Software Delivers A Powerful Solution For Inventory Management

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Unleashed Software is a powerful inventory management solution that helps businesses take control of their inventory health and scale their business with confidence. Below is our interview with David Procter from Unleashed Software:

Q: David, tell us something more about your history and your software?

A: With a vision to provide a more efficient and scalable way to manage inventory, Greg Murphy founded Unleashed Software in 2009. Our software offers customers a powerful solution for their inventory management needs. As an accessible “anywhere and anytime” cloud-based software, we provide crucial visibility of inventory management processes and transactions across suppliers, warehouses, production processes, customers and sales.

Q: Why exactly is your solution perfect for manufacturers?

A: Our inventory management software is perfectly suited to businesses in the manufacturing industry who need to have complete oversight of their processes, from receipting raw materials to getting the finished product to their clients.

Manufacturers need an inventory management system that can provide an accurate cost for finished goods. They will be able to make better business decisions when they have accurate and precise margins. Unleashed allows manufacturers to easily maintain visibility on costs with features such as Margin Enquiry, Bill of Materials and Product Assemblies. With accurate production costs they can confidently set sell prices knowing that their margins are accurate.

As manufacturers grow, it is imminent that they will need an inventory management solution to automate their processes and capture more valuable data. For medium-sized businesses, this means ditching their spreadsheets for better software. However, investing in an ERP system is an expensive commitment and more often than not, they won’t use most of the features. Unleashed is perfect for medium-sized businesses who want to access advanced technology without the large cost.

As a manufacturer, there might be other facets to the business such as an eCommerce store or a distribution channel. You won’t solely be using an inventory management software to manage your entire business. What happens if you’re using multiple software but the information from each doesn’t flow through to the other softwares? You’ll be left with inaccurate data across fragmented platforms.

A benefit of Unleashed is that it seamlessly transfers information across various platforms such as accounting software, e-commerce, and even CRM solutions. It’s a cloud-based software, meaning you can access it from wherever you are, whether you’re at an airport, your customer’s store or on the warehouse floor. Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximize control so you can make better decisions based on real-time, accurate reporting.

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Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching your business and how did you overcome it?

A: Unleashed has grown steadily over the years. What started out as a tiny office in Auckland has grown in size as we’ve established various offices around the world; expanding into international markets has given us the ability to raise over $25 million funding from venture capitalists.

Unleashed has faced key challenges in exporting our software, including developing consistent marketing, sales and support processes across different markets so that customers can be managed up to similar high standards. For example, having a sales territory manager on the ground in the UK has meant a closer understanding of local requirements and resulted in better support for customers.

Another challenge has been understanding local customer differences, and not applying a “one size fits all” approach to similar segments and customers across markets. We have found that each market poses a different challenge with their requirements.

Through market visits, we have gleaned in-depth customer insights by visiting our customers and partners. Cultural differences have proven to be the biggest challenge we face as we expand across borders. This affects our business, from the way we market to the way we engage with each territory.

On a global scale, we are faced with more competitors and a wider mix of them. Our focus is on constantly innovating and releasing new product features to stay ahead of these global competitors and meet customer requirements.

Q: Tell us something about your pricing plans?

A: We provide our SaaS solution via direct and partner sales to customers in over 80 countries. Customers can pay annually, but most subscribe monthly which incentivises us to show demonstrable value every month. This means keeping the solution stable while regularly introducing innovation and features.

We aim to stay one step ahead, recognising new needs and opportunities to solve inventory-related business challenges before they are uncovered by our customers.

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Q: What are the key factors that have contributed to your success?

A: Listening and acting on customer feedback in our target markets has been key to achieving growth.
Our CEO, Gareth Barry, says it best when he says, “At our core, we believe in disruptive innovations,
challenging the status quo and delivering exceptional customer service. ‘The customer is the most
important person in our business’ is our first core value, and this is where we strive to overachieve.”

We recognise that there’s nothing better than providing fast and personal service to enquiries or issues, and so that’s exactly what we do. While the average response time to customers in this industry is 2 days, ours is 50 minutes. We want to make sure that every touch point with our customer will increase positive value or decrease negative value.

At Unleashed, we ensure good customer service by promptly addressing a customer query or issue. Developing and working together as a team has allowed us to effectively nurture the relationship we have with our customers, allowing us to provide the best solution for each unique customer.

This is the basis of everything we do here at Unleashed Software. Like all companies, we strive to make a
material difference in the lives of our customers but the difference is that the core of what we do is something that we do everyday. Having such a strong core focus and philosophy translates into the company culture and our commitment to the customer.

Another key reason for our success is the way we tie our core values and our company culture. Our employees are heavily engaged with our core values and goals due to our company culture and the way we treat our team. The unique company culture at Unleashed means we have next to no hierarchy within the company, which in turn supports each and every employee feeling like they have the chance to contribute their ideas, suggestions and initiatives. Given that we have a agile mindset in all that we do, we involve the whole company in reflecting and recognising how we can improve.

Our company culture is unique, we focus on our customers and our employees to ensure that we are
pushing our team as a whole to offer our customers the highest possible level of service and commitment. We value each and every member of our team and invest in their growth within this company, from regular upskilling to paid birthday leave and subsidies health insurance.

Our philosophy has driven us to create a balance culture that ensures a driven and determined team who feel valued in their contribution to Unleashed and our customer’s success.