Coinaccord Provides Full, Turnkey Solutions To Help Clients Launch, And Run Blockchain Products

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Coinaccord is making use of years of traditional enterprise software development experience to create a better web. They recognize the problems in traditional software applications, and see how blockchain technology can be applied as a remedy. Their goal is to build secure, trustless, and resilient software which leaves behind the sort of architectures that threaten the privacy and sovereignty of its users. Permissionless blockchain apps empower their users, letting them own their own data and the value they bring through their participation. Coinaccord is building software which puts the emphasis on the value individuals bring to the web, rather than extracting that value from those individuals and putting them at risk while doing so. Below is our interview with Carleigh Zangrando from Coinaccord:

Q: How do you see blockchain technologies developing, and where do you place yourself in the industry?

A: Blockchain technologies are here to stay. We are only at the dawn of a massive movement. At present, many of the blockchain projects out there are in the early development phase, creating impressive proof of concept designs. As these products start coming to maturity, we are going to see the ubiquitous tokenization of everything, allowing for an explosion of the sharing economy. The most successful of these disruptive models will be seamlessly integrated with our daily lives. We understand that although the potential is immense, blockchain technology can be complicated. Our goal is to realize the capabilities of the technology in our products, while completely removing the burden of using blockchain technology. We want to build transformational products that users can operate without having to know a single thing about the underlying technlogy that makes it possible. Whether it’s any one of our in-house products, or helping clients execute on their own blockchain-based ideas, our guiding principles are the same.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Coinaccord?

A: We don’t believe convincing the reader is necessary. Blockchain technology will be all around us in our daily lives if we choose to opt in or not. Coinaccord has experience creating and managing blockchain products; from marketing and launching crowdsales, to token issuance and source code review, we have a vast spectrum of disciplines covered and the experience necessary to excel in this space.

Q: What kind of services do you offer to your clients?

A: We help them build their story and solidify their execution with our blockchain specific on-boarding process. We guide our clients through a step by step process to identify and validate their particular use case. Once the ground work is laid we’ll marry our toolset with experience, and deliver with precision.

We provide a full range of services to launch, run and maintain a blockchain product. We’ve provided turnkey solutions that include managing marketing and advertising campaigns, and organizing and running a complete trade show product launch. Our technical background and aptitude for development give Coinaccord the ability to provide risk advisory, consensus and mining guidance, and source code review as it applies to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Complementing the ability to work in an advisory role, we are also able to offer token issuance and development work.

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Q: What are your plans for 2018?

A: We’re looking forward to growing our existing portfolio and launching several exciting blockchain products of our own. Coinaccord will be attending multiple trade shows and continue to mature our existing customer’s products past their incubation phase. It’s really an exciting time for us! We believe we will witness a major disruption in today’s industries within a year.