Talk Fusion’s Video Product Suite Revolutionizes Video Email Marketing While Giving Back

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Talk Fusion is for anyone and everyone who’s looking to stand out and get results while connecting online—and better yet, with video, the most effective marketing medium out there. It doesn’t matter the country, industry, or goal, Talk Fusion makes video communications simple and fun, but most importantly, effective. Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina, has used his company’s enormous success as a platform to give back to the community and motivate others to do the same.

Below is our interview with Bob Reina, Founder & CEO of Talk Fusion:

Q: Prior to founding your own business, you served the community as a police officer, does that experience have anything to do with your passion for giving back?

A: Most definitely. My duty as a police officer was to be there for my community. When someone was scared, I helped. When someone was in danger, I helped. When someone needed justice, I helped. It didn’t matter if I was on duty or off duty—I was on the lookout, seeking an opportunity to contribute. Even though I worked around the clock, I always wished I could do more. My success has allowed me to act on this wish. I’ve been able to make an impact in my community and around the world. I couldn’t be more grateful for each opportunity, from giving back to various animal shelters and orphanages to supporting the police department and their K-9 unit.

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Q: How did you go about weaving philanthropy into the fabric of your company?

A: Through my philanthropic contributions, I’ve set the example; I’ve shown our Independent Associates why and how the best success is shared success. That principle has become the heart of Talk Fusion’s culture over the past 10 years, and the response has been inspiring. Talk Fusion has helped to create countless achievement stories around the world, as our video products are marketed person-to-person through a direct selling business model, and so I always teach our Associates that, “with great success comes even greater responsibility.”

Q: When starting out, was there a particular company (or companies) you were inspired by when weaving that fabric?

A: If you look back at any profoundly successful brand or CEO with a big vision—take Bill Gates, for example—you’ll notice that they always see the bigger picture. Their success story becomes selfless. Their position of influence allows them to advocate for causes that they care most about, to inspire change, and to be—as I call it—a “messenger of hope” for those in need. I want my legacy to be cut from that same fabric.

Q: Do you think that technology is changing philanthropy?If so, how?

A: Absolutely. Technology accelerates the pace at which awareness is raised, stories go viral, and social responsibility is activated. Social media, online video, and fundraising websites all work together to instill a sense of accountability in each and every person. We can all become part of the conversation and do our part.

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Q: What are some ways you’ve used technology to give back?

A: When I need to spread the word about a cause that I’m passionate about and move people to action, I look no further than Talk Fusion’s very own video products. I just record a quick video with a powerful call-to-action and click “Send.” Through this same course of action, my company has come together to give back on many occasions—for example, tsunami relief in Japan, fundraising events for the SPCA, and much more. Also, in April of 2016, we launched our free charity account program, which allows our Associates to donate our very best product package (the Pro Pack) to the nonprofit organization of their choice, so that they can raise funds, get assistance from their community, increase volunteer signups, and make their voice heard. Through this program, every day is a new opportunity to give back and make a difference.

Q: What advice would you give someone just starting out who wants to incorporate giving back into their own company’s identity?

A: Take a moment to reflect on your company’s values and then align yourself with the organizations and causes that most clearly resonate with that. Start small. Spread the word. Empower people to use their voice and be the change. Put feelers out there so that when an opportunity does arise and someone is in need, the expectation has already been set: you’re the one they can call. It’s not all about giving back to the most popular or trending cause, either—it’s about listening to your heart and contributing in the best way that you can. The best philanthropic contributions aren’t made in the spotlight, and yet they still radiate.