Shop LC – One Of The Fastest Growing Home Shopping Networks In The US

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Shop LC is a national broadcast home shopping network and e-commerce site specializing in gemstone jewelry and lifestyle products, and their purpose is delivering joy. Below is our recent interview with Michelle Long, Director of CSR & Communications and Jim Swofford, Director of Operations Quality Management. Statements prepared by Darren Bogus Content Editor at Shop LC:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Shop LC?

A: Shop LC provides our content to over 73 million households through platforms like television, web, mobile, Smart TV, and social media.

The Shop LC Mission is delivering high-quality, affordable products made possible by low cost, direct sourcing. 75% of the products we sell are jewelry, and 65% of these products are manufactured by our parent organization, Vaibhav Global Limited, located in Jaipur, India.

The goal of our Mission is changing the world and touching people’s lives with the products we sell. Primarily, this is achieved through the Shop LC One for One Program. For each item sold, a healthy and nutritious meal is provided to a child in need in either the United States or India. Akshaya Patra distributes these meals in India, and No Kid Hungry is our partner for the United States.

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Q: You’ve recently been recognized by Quality Texas Foundation for quality and high performance; could you tell us something more?

A: Using the Baldrige framework at Shop LC is fundamentally changing the way we look at our organization. Although we have used some aspects (customer and employee focus) forever, we are truly learning how to listen to our stakeholders and make meaningful change to improve their satisfaction.

Through constant continuous improvement of our products and processes we are Delivering Joy to our customers on a daily basis. Continuous improvement can be summed up by simply not accepting the status quo; you look for ways you can improve even if something may not be broken.

At Shop LC we are always looking for ways to improve our processes. For example, we would like to improve our package shipping speeds. So, Shop LC is running a continuous improvement project to evaluate our carriers and improve efficiency in picking and packing through two Six Sigma projects in our Logistics department.

This not only will save Shop LC money but we will be able to pass this savings on to our customers through product pricing. With the fast-paced world we live in now, continuous improvement and innovation have to be at the forefront of every business or they will not be able to keep up. Baldrige and Quality Texas Foundation help organizations stay relevant by teaching them the appropriate things to look at all times.

Q: What types of products do you offer to your clients?

A: The primary specialty of Shop LC is gemstone jewelry. About 75% of current product offerings is jewelry, and about 65% is manufactured by our parent organization. This vertical integration allows Shop LC to keep costs down and offer high quality jewelry to our customers without the traditional markup. Most products sell for between $20 to $30.

Lifestyle is a rapidly growing category at Shop LC. Currently, they comprise about 25% of products sold at Shop LC, growing by 10% since 2018. Shop LC works closely with manufacturers whenever possible, so that we can offer the best value to our customers.

Q: How are your responding to the Coronavirus situation? How has it impacted your business?

A: It’s unlikely that a business is ever prepared for something so unprecedented. The Shop LC response to COVID-19 has kept the company operational and out of the red. The positive approach and ability to react quickly has made a world of difference.

Our Merchandising team immediately shifted to acquire essential items to help our customers during the Stay Home, Stay Safe orders. Being a home-shopping network has had its advantages; TV viewership is up, more people are tuning in and we can deliver direct to people’s doors. Pivoting to provide the right products at the right time has made all the difference.

In addition to our Shop LC One for One Program, where every purchase provides a meal to a school child in the US or India, Shop LC has donated over 70,000 masks to more than 80 facilities in 22 states. It has been a heartwarming experience to do good during this time of need.

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Q: Can you give us any hints as to what else we might expect to see from Shop LC this year?

A: Shop LC is the fastest growing home shopping network in the US. You can expect to see an average low price point of under $25, amazing new jewelry designs, new jewelry and lifestyle brands, expansion of our beauty and essential product offering, exclusive finds on our website and more!

Our Purpose is Delivering Joy and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products for our customers to enjoy. Follow us on social to stay in touch with new products, new shows and our Shop LC One for One Program – soon we will be celebrating 20 Million Meals to school children around the world! #shoplctv #deliveringjoy