An Interview With DAPtLife Co-Founders Darren Glickman And Tracy Daly

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Below is our recent interview with Co-Founders Darren Glickman and Tracy Daly of DAPtLife:

Q: What is the best thing about DAPtLife that people might not know about?

A: We have created an e-health passport that puts your medical information right at your fingertips. Your latest test results for Covid-19, your blood test results for common ailments, your medication information and more are all securely in the palm of your hand whenever you need it, no matter where you are. Our passion has always been focused on having the information you need when you need it. It’s one of our founding principles.

Q: Why did you both decide to create the company? What drives you?

A: We founded DAPtLife in 2019 because of similar stories of health care struggles we experienced in our past. Tracy had an ill daughter who spent most of her childhood in the hospital, and seeing many specialists. Tracy struggled with doctors not having shared access to her daughter’s medical records which caused delays, directly affected her daughter’s care. When her daughter transferred from the Children’s Hospital, it took 6 months for her new adult care specialist to get her medical records and the two hospitals were across the street! The complete waste of time and frustrations incurred had taken a toll on the entire family. Doctor’s visits would have been more productive and answers would have been faster if we always had that information with us from each doctor & visit.

Darren had a friend who lost his father. He was on vacation with his family in a foreign country when he had to be hospitalized . Doctors spent so much time trying to figure out what the medical issues were, and the language barrier caused more struggles between family and medical professionals. If he or his family had access to his medical information from his doctors at home to share with the doctors overseas,, valuable time wouldn’t have been wasted and this could have saved his life.

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Q: How exactly does your platform work?

A: Our platform has two components embedded together for ease of use for whatever the user needs – STI/STD & Health. A doctor, using special encryption into our system, loads their medical records into the users account. When the user is ready to be intimate with a partner, they can tap phones and verify last STI tests and results. Just tap & go. When the user wants to share health results and records with doctors, whether at home or when traveling, , they can share the records ensuring no information can be breached.

Q: What are the benefits of using DAPtLife’s encryption technology?

A: DAPTLife’s encryption technology uses state of the art digital rights management that allows the end user to have control over who can see and access their medical records.

This is revolutionary as users have complete privacy due to the fact that only they control the master encryption keys for their data. Access can be granted and revoked to individuals and organizations at the discretion of the end user.

This level of privacy and security is unprecedented in the industry. All of the data in DAPtLife’s cloud infrastructure is stored encrypted in such a way that even DAPtLife cannot access the information. Even if DAPtLife’s infrastructure was ever compromised, the raw files are stored encrypted with keys that are not accessible by DAPtLife. In fact, these files could be left unprotected on the internet and they would be useless to any hacker due to the fact that the keys are not accessible to them.

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Q: Can you give us any hints as to what else we might expect to see from DAPtLife this year?

A: Vaccinations with a focus on kids records is a space we are exploring for better digital health record solutions.