An Interview With Victor Lazzaro, CTO At BackShield

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Below is our recent interview with Victor Lazzaro, CTO at BackShield:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to BackShield?

A: Have you ever wished you could redesign a product you use? Make changes to it so it worked just the way you wanted? That is how the team at BackShield felt, and how BackShield began; with an idea that a better back support could be created. All of us at BackShield have had some form of nagging back issue, from years of neglect, sports and poor posture sitting at our computers. Some of us even suffered from severe back pain while driving in our cars. The back support solutions we were using were not fixing our back pain.

We set out to design the BackShield, our flagship product. A full sized back support system which would provide proper spine alignment, support for the entire back and look great while doing it! The team at BackShield spent over two years designing, prototyping and testing different designs, until we found just the right blend of support, comfort and performance.

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Q: Victor, can you tell us something more about the design of BackShield?

A: The team that created the BackShield has been designing products for three decades. The design began as a vision to create an attractive and high quality product. The materials, shape and functionality were designed, mocked up, and tested over and over, until the right solution emerged.

The manufacturing process for the BackShield is both complex and time consuming. From the making of the raw materials, molding, and difficult assembly of each BackShield. We are very proud of our entire team and how hard they work to create each BackShield.

Q: What are the health benefits of using your product?

A: BackShield provides a number of health benefits. It promotes proper posture and increased blood flow to the spine. We have customers tell us of their body aches and pains going away after using BackShield for a few weeks. Our customers also tell us they use the BackShield while sitting on family room couches, dining room chairs, in their cars, and on home office chairs that provide less than optimal back support. The design of BackShield allows it to be easily attached to a variety of seats. I use mine daily on my office chair. The BackShield has shown me how poor my sitting posture is and reminds me, moment by moment how I need to be sitting. I have spent the entire day on my feet at a trade show for BackShield. When I sat on the BackShield at the end of a long day, it felt like I was sitting on air.

Our customers even exercise and stretch on their BackShields. Some tell us they sleep on their BackShields to relieve back pain, and report having some of their best night’s sleep in years!

Q: What makes BackShield different from similar products on the market? How is it unique?

A: At the very beginning, the BackShield design team started their research, collecting information and working with our medical advisors. We discovered some very interesting facts. There was a reason why we did not find relief with the lumbar supports we had tried.

You see, current back supports don’t work. It is not enough just to force the lumbar spine into the proper curvature while we sit upright. Over the course of 10 to 20 minutes of sitting, the weight of the upper back and head, which is substantial, presses down on the lumbar area and can cause real discomfort. We built into the BackShield, what we call the “Lift Zone” which addresses this issue. BackShield’s unique design helps support the weight of the upper back and head along with providing the proper spine curvature.

BackShield is also manufactured very differently than other back supports. Its outer shell is made of durable foam. The inner plastic is ¼ inch thick. In between is the comfort layer. Together these three layers provide the support, desired flexibility and comfort that make the BackShield uniquely “BackShield.” The BackShield is so strong we drove a car over it, without leaving a mark.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: BackShield was created to help people with back issues find relief. Back pain can be debilitating and have a very adverse affect on our lives. We see our company growing, adding additional products which promote better back health. Our goal at BackShield has always been to help relieve back pain in order to promote better back health and a more fulfilled life.

Part of BackShied’s ongoing goal is to give to organizations whose mission is to help those in need around the world. During these times of great unknowns, our desire is to show new customers how the BackShield can benefit them and keep them healthy while they care for themselves and their families.