SetSchedule Aims To Create Communities Of Professionals Who Connect More Efficiently With Clients

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Below is our recent interview with Darwin Pelea, from SetSchedule:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: SetSchedule is a technology company based in Irvine California that focuses on Real Estate information SAAS Products, consumer cloud communication products, artificial intelligence, and autonomous business flow applications. Some of the company’s key products and applications include the SetSchedule App, SetHello, SetValue TM, SetAds, Referral Radar, and Jessica 2.0.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: I want to treat the last release of our product as part of what I would call the SetSchedule Benchmark 3 and what it means is that we are super focused on creating a better network and collaboration environment for the pros to do more together. To enable a solopreneur or small business to operate in an expanded version of their peers with their sister and brother partners. For example, a real estate agent connecting with a mortgage broker or mortgage broker connecting with the contractor or an appraiser creates a much more collaborative approach for small businesses that don’t necessarily have the resources for vendors, partners, and advisors. These are the hypotheses behind what we call the SetSchedule benchmark for SetSchedule 3.0. The highlight in the last deployment was really adding a lot of emotions into reactions and the idea behind each post. It is not because we want to compete or create another social platform, It’s because we want to create more predictable data cumulatively and recommendations that revolve around networking. You know, a post that can create more of a super focus knowledge base algorithm that enables us to serve the content that is relevant from a specific pro to another pro. Another is the logic deployment that we’ve updated, and we obviously updated our app icon, which again represents the ever-evolving brand. Not just the SetSchedule brand, but also the way that the app is going to evolve with the business people.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Our offering is pretty simple. Using our vision statement, we want to connect professionals with their prospects more efficiently using technology and doing so at an economical scale and, when possible, for free. We want to address specifically the solopreneurs, SMEs and our drive is to improve the solopreneur business in the most economical way. There’s no better industry than the real estate industry because you have 3,000,000 solopreneurs. Some of them are teams and brokers but ultimately it’s a major marketplace. From a product vision standpoint, I’d like to say that if Linkedln had a baby with Julio, they would name it SetSchedule and that gives you more of the mission statement. More of how we are going to achieve the connection between pros and prospects using technology. The SetSchedule ecosystem and what SetSchedule is offering essentially started with Benchmark 1 which was basically when the company created the referral radar and the open architecture marketplace for online leads that are provided to real estate agents. This is the first product that we rolled out in April 2018, addressing the online marketplace for leads from Zillow and We serve that to real estate agents and all they need to do is to download the app, agree to the terms of service, agree to the 20% referral fee, and start to consume leads from the marketplace. So we democratizethe acquisition part, the selection process, and the passing process if an agent didn’t want the lead he/she may pass. We really perfected the art of enabling the average Joe agent and the average Mary agent to connect with the lead from any source. From there we evolved into our second benchmark, the SetConnect where we offer connections to the real estate agents beyond the leads. We introduced different linguistic machine learning nurturing bots through SMS and Omni-channel communications and when a home shopper (buyer, seller, or renter) would need real estate assistance whether it’s from Zillow or or – which we own, they would be connected to a real estate agent in real-time using our technology of a virtual video-audio connection called SetHello and through our concierge.

The third benchmark is the most current one that we have. I like to use this theoretical or this hypothetical case story of when SetSchedule started. A real estate agent Joe in Los Angeles was able to download the app and was able to grab a lead from Zillow. But that was in 2018, In 2020, the same agent using the SetSchedule app was able to close more leads and scored well. The machine learning bot identified that the agent in Los Angeles is very likely to be engaged and available. That agent would get a text message or phone call to jump on a virtual video call with a buyer that is currently on the phone. Then the same agent Joe stayed on the platform for four years right from 2018 to 2022, He then received another offer from a lead in Los Angeles saying that he wants to buy a property in New York, wants to work with someone who speaks Spanish, and wants to sell his home in Los Angeles. With Benchmark 3, the same Joe can now go inside the SetSchedule ecosystem, connect and collaborate with a real estate agent and broker in New York, build a deal team inside, and track the entire journey of the buyer that he took. Now the buyer can have 2 agents that connect in SetShedule and nurture their relationship for free.

Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: Our plans revolve around “do more together.” Inside the app, we plan on acquisition and marketing to mortgage brokers, title officers, contractors, inspectors, stagers, designers, all of them into the SetSchedule 3.0, and we plan to roll out a product that amplifies the user experience of teams better than you can find in Discord or Twitch or in Slack. The idea is that teams can do more together and collaborate better together using the SetSchedule app and connect. We are also investing a lot in growing the tech stack that we want to offer predominantly free to solopreneurs that don’t have a budget to buy a CRM for multi-users or don’t have the time to learn how to use We are going to make a simplistic collaboration system from CRM to team collaboration, team chats, team rooms, team conversations, calendar management, test management, and ultimately wall engagement through a smart wall serving relevant posts (with no posts of dogs and cats) focusing on building this business for the ecosystem of prop-tech and fintech this first phase.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: We love machine learning! SetSchedule constantly finds new ways to implement machine learning into our products, technology, and even our own internal software. We were first introduced to it through our smart nurturing technology and ever since then, we can’t stop integrating it with everything we come across. This has led us to be able to create the Smart Match Opportunities, our agent ranking scoring, and Anima, our internal database. Why do we love it so much? It helps streamline all aspects of our business. Giving us the leverage to query data, find useful information, and present across the board in a simple, streamlined, automated process.