Mission 6 Creates A New Class Of Carbon Assets And Provides A Model That Makes Carbon Trading Accessible To Everyone

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Below is our recent interview with Gary Hartman, Executive Project Manager at Mission 6:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: Mission 6 is an ecosystem built to solve the carbon market problems and make the largest impact in carbon emission reduction by rewarding everyone that participates with carbon backed crypto (M6) for mitigating carbon. The technology necessary to scale the carbon validation is central to the program.

Mission 6 creates a new class of Carbon Assets™ through proprietary technology and provides a model that makes carbon trading accessible to everyone. The effort is unique in its ability to measure and verify the carbon impact, resulting in the highest quality carbon assets verified by technology and science as identified by COP26.

While the legacy carbon markets play a vital role in certain fields, the specific expertise of Mission 6 in energy efficiency creates the opportunity for businesses to drastically impact ESG emissions.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Mission 6 is a comprehensive profit-driven ecosystem empowering corporations to lead the world to Net-Zero. Pressure from the capital markets, social pressure, and punitive regulation applied to corporations have not had substantial impact on climate change. The Mission 6 ecosystem makes sustainability profitable at a global scale. Mission 6 announces the world’s first Energy Carbon Registry expanding the market from just a few mass emitters of carbon to everyone. The Energy Carbon Registry uses technology at scale to verify, register, and secure decarbonization projects on a global public ledger.

Mission 6 unlocks the real value of carbon mitigation by empowering corporations to create Carbon Assets™ enabling relevant ESG returns to be included as assets on the balance sheet. Emission-reducing investments are now much more attractive because they are carbon-backed digital assets. The Mission 6 carbon asset (M6) can be exchanged on existing cryptocurrency markets providing the opportunity for everyone to participate in saving energy and mitigating emissions.

The technology behind Mission 6 has been developed and field tested over 15 years. It is designed to overcome the challenges of the legacy carbon markets in addressing climate change. The primary focus on energy, as it is the largest source of emissions, but will add the other sectors of the market to the platform. Mass participation is key, but currently +90% of the market is excluded. The legacy carbon registries have built the foundation of standards and now Mission 6 is here to build on that momentum with technology, while including the existing market segments. Manual processes can only take us so far, and technology is needed for global scale.”

Mission 6 provides a scalable, enterprise-grade software platform that audits sustainability data using industry, national and international standards. This reduces greenwashing. A global carbon ledger creates transparency reducing fraud in carbon-offset markets where decarbonization assets can be sold multiple times.

The technology behind the M6 digital asset that combines a Net-Zero blockchain with carbon offsets, creating a cryptocurrency that reduces energy and emissions when mined. It is an exciting concept, to create a new crypto asset that is the opposite of Bitcoin’s mining energy consumption footprint. M6 transforms Bitcoin’s concept of mining that employs “proof of work”, which is consumption computing, into a new category of mining, termed “proof of certification” creating intrinsic value based on conservation and sustainability. Efficiency projects that reduce emissions are transformed into crypto miners democratizing sustainability participation with the frictionless benefits of the blockchain“.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: There are 6 component Missions to Mission 6; here are the six key aspects of Mission 6.

Technology at Scale

In order to solve a problem as big as climate change we need to use scalable systems.

Mission 6 provides a platform to organize and unify the voluntary carbon market. Our ecosystem uses proprietary forensic software that

combines AI, Machine Learning, IIoT, Block Chain and Forensic Engineering with standards set by IPMVP, AHRI, ASHRAE, EPA, ANSI, verified by UL.

Changing the Carbon Game From Punitive to Profitable

Economic Incentives are backed by Carbon Assets. Mission 6 creates an ecosystem that propels climate action by allowing large companies, small businesses and individuals to be rewarded for their efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Offsets become Carbon Assets. Carbon offsets were traditionally a non-financial metric and were not able to be quantified as an asset on a balance sheet.

Monetizing and recognizing carbon offsets on the balance sheet will enhance EBITDA, generate more project capital, add to collateral, and drive efficiency re-invest.

We Focus on HVAC/R

Mission 6 brings expertise in all areas of energy efficiency but is specifically focused in the challenges posed by HVAC. Our experience, technology, and partner relationships offer solutions that are truly unique.

The growth of HVAC worldwide is the biggest threat to sustainability.

Globally there are 1.6 billion HVAC units in service and a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) study stated growth by 2050 is projected to surpass 5.6 billion HVAC units. Another article by MIT found that the energy consumed by HVAC moving forward could negate all other sustainability efforts worldwide.

Our Focus is Emission Reduction

Preventing carbon emissions must take the lead in our sustainability efforts. We have to substantially reduce the amount of carbon we are emitting to buy time to allow carbon capture technology to become fully effective.

NetZero by 2050 is impossible if we continue to emit over 34 billion metric tons of carbon per year. Traditional carbon registries are primarily focused on carbon capture and sequestration. There is little to no emphasis on efficiency for preventing emissions. Capturing and storing carbon already released into the air is important but will not solve this climate crisis alone, nor can enterprises within the regulated market make a big enough impact. Focusing on reducing energy emissions is key.

Mission 6 is Compatible with Existing Carbon Markets

Carbon projects that are active and registered on other registries may be eligible for the Mission 6 carbon asset conversion. Mission 6 provides opportunities for carbon farmers to maximize their return and provide additional capital for re-investment into other carbon projects. The Mission 6 platform is designed to help the legacy markets scale their efforts in the areas they regulate (such as agriculture, forestry, bio-mass and renewables).

Our Energy Registry is Unique

Electricity production is the largest source of carbon emissions worldwide yet existing registries have made little progress to incorporate and validate energy efficiency projects.

These registries focus on carbon capture and sequestration in the fields of agriculture, forestry and renewables. They lack the expertise and technology needed to include energy projects. Additionally, quantifying carbon emission reduction in energy efficiency is difficult, expensive, and impossible to scale with analog legacy processes.

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Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We are having our public launch with the City of Austin and the Chamber of Commerce on May 11th, and we are already in the process of certifying carbon projects for many large customers.

The M6 coin will be available for trading in late June or early July as we talk with several large exchanges.

We also will have our own exchange live on the Mission 6 website to trade M6.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Mission 6 offers the most utility and most extensive store of value in the crypto market. By combining sustainability, the technology required to value high-quality carbon projects, and some of the largest companies in America, the M6 crypto asset will be held by more companies than any other digital currency on the market within six months. The value of M6 will be based on the technology platform and the impact we make in fighting climate change. When everyone benefits financially, it will maximize participation. Turning an air-conditioner or an efficiency project into a crypto miner allows everyone to be part of the solution.