Meet Freyda – A SaaS Company On A Mission To Automate Manual Data Entry And Unlock Insights For Financial Services

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Freyda is changing the world of asset management by using AI to automate the extraction, retrieval and analysis of data from documents. Below is our recent interview with Danielle Lawrence, a co-founder and CEO of Freyda:

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Freyda?

A: We ‘free your data’ to help optimise returns for institutional investors such as pension funds, university endowments, insurers and asset managers who currently spend an estimated $3.3bn annually on manual data processing.

Q: What is main advantage of your cloud-based software?

A: Our platform is cloud native and easily accessible from anywhere It enables us to deploy updates and new features quickly so we can deliver the best product and experience possible to our clients By choosing cloud, we benefit from a much more scalable and cost effective solution and we pass those savings on to our clients. Cloud computing also offers more security than local servers. Our clients never have to worry about losing critical data and business applications because of a natural disaster or full on computer meltdown. Finally, cloud computing reduces our carbon footprint because it requires less physical servers and data centers…and who doesn’t want to save the environment?

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Q: Which companies would be your ideal users and why?

A: Freyda’s initial target customers are financial institutions managing alternative assets, specifically Limited Partners and fund administrators that experience a high degree of volume, velocity and variation of data from reporting such as:
• Pension funds
• Endowments & Foundations
• Asset Managers
• Family Offices
• Insurers
• Fund administrators

Our solution can also help the broader financial services community to lower costs, increase productivity and gain new product insights.

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Q: Can you tell us something about your pricing?

A: Freyda is a flexible platform and so is our pricing. Like many cloud platforms, our fees are based on usage and enable our clients to manage and scale costs in line with their business needs.