SolonTek Delivers Cutting Edge Cyber Security Software And Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) Solutions

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SolonTek provides cutting edge Cyber Security Software and Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) solutions. Below is our recent interview with Sara Spencer, CEO of SolonTek:

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of SolonTek?

A: Our unique Cyber Security Model helps companies answer the question, “How Secure Am I”? We take a top-down approach to cyber security and believe our number one stakeholder is the executive leadership, board and owners of the company.

As the CEO of SolonTek I bring a unique skillset to the design of our software product Valkerie™ a Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Management platform. I know the technical challenges of a security program as well as, what is important to a board or executive leadership team. I also know what the pain points are, not just from my own perspective but many others that I have worked closely with over the past decade. Lastly, I know what it takes to implement a successful security program. That is why I wanted to develop Valkerie™. I saw the need for a Digital Cyber Security Management System to track, measure and automate NIST and ISO compliance, and work with all stakeholders based on their role in the Cyber program. In order to do this in a holistic way, we realized that we needed the Cyber Intelligence Platform, to help organizations implement, monitor, and verify the technical security controls. As a cyber security professional, I am most concerned with visibility. You don’t know, what you don’t know and what you can’t see matters.

SolonTek has developed a proprietary risk methodology & scoring model, as well as predictive analysis algorithms. We are also busy building out our back end which is a cyber enumeration engine. We are able to take all of the threat information, frameworks, and use it to enumerate the data.

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Q: How can Valkerie™ help businesses?

A: Valkerie™ helps organizations implement, keep track of, and monitor security controls of a cyber security program. Valkerie™ helps businesses by pulling into one-pane-of-glass the collaboration between stakeholders, the sharing of data coming from all of the intelligence created by the assets and tools, and continuously verifies whether or not security controls are implemented and working as expected. Right now, we are getting ready for our soft launch of the public beta (Minimal Viable Product) MVP. Version 1 of Valkerie™ will help companies meet NIST and ISO Access Control and Identification and Authentication controls with Azure. It can also perform review, continuous monitoring and disabling of user accounts for Azure AD. This is so important with remote work, being able to see that you are under attack, and mitigate the problem while you are sleeping. This could not be timelier as we investigate the etymology of the recent cyber-attack, which focused heavily on our first line of defense of access.

Q: How have you attracted IT professionals and businesses to using the service?

A: I have met a lot of IT professionals over the years. I think that a handful of IT professionals and organizations that have agreed to try Valkerie™ are people I built relationships over the years and were previous clients of mine. I think that in order to scale we will need to offer a superior product, get it in the hands of clients, and help them recognize the value. Letting them experience its value firsthand. Once that happens, word of mouth is always the best advertisement and I hope that will continue the traction from our marketing efforts. We have attracted top tier talent from Tier 1 organizations, and this will help us scale out our IT and Development teams. This is going to aid us in enabling SolonTek to offer enterprise level products and services.

Q: What’s the best thing about SolonTek that people might not know about?

A: SolonTek was launched by a group of past clients of the CEO – Sara Spencer, who have struggled with the very thing SolonTek is trying to solve, which is comprehensive security. They make up the advisory Board of SolonTek and bring a diverse background to the vision, operational procedures, and overall strategy of SolonTek. These are the people that are going to be working hard to build out our teams and build our culture as we grow over the next year. I would love to see those early founders continue on with the mission of SolonTek as we mature over the next decade. We have attracted new talent like a Senior Systems Analyst who works for the Department of North Carolina Human and Health Services as our fractional CTO, Dr. Joe Perez as well as, a Senior Information Security Architect from Cisco as our fractional CISO, Sandip Dholakia. We do not outsource our development, sales, or customer service. You get someone from SolonTek who is a US Citizen on US Soil whenever you contact us.

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Q: What can we expect from SolonTek in the next 12 months?

A: Over the next twelve months we are going to be focusing on building out Valkerie™ and innovating on our current solution. The great thing about Valkerie™ is there is so much growth potential. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of need and data. We are working on developing a Carbon Nano Cyber Accelerator which is going to make situational awareness more accurate, and easier to view. This is going to make the traditional network tapping and logging we are used to obsolete. Hopefully, we will have an on-prem datacenter prototype within 12-24 months.