Meet Darling, A Seductive Branding, Marketing, And SEO Agency

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Darling is a web design & marketing agency that specializes in marketing to women. The agency is based out of Miami, and below is our recent interview with Lexi Montgomery, the Founder of Darling Web Design:

Lexi Montgomery

Q: Could you provide our reader with a brief introduction to Darling Web Design?

A: We use seductive psychology & branding techniques to create a “hands-off” marketing funnel. In the seduction process, we conduct market research & brand our clients to fit the needs of their ideal consumer, rather than trying to market to everyone. We specialize in building a brand fantasy that creates lifelong customers.

Q: What kinds of services do you provide to your clients?

A: We offer two main services: web design & digital marketing. Web design is pretty straightforward. However, our digital marketing services can include anything from email marketing and SEO campaigns to social media management, blogging, and video creation. Each client package is tailored to fit the client’s needs. When working with us, business owners can expect a more intimate digital agency experience, high ROI, and VOI (value on investment).

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Q: What advice do you have for early entrepreneurs who hope to scale up as quickly and successfully as you have?

A: Figure out what you desire to sell, who you want to sell to, and where you can get in front of your ideal customer. And then learn to build a fantasy during your sales process.

Q: In your opinion, why is it important for small businesses to have an online presence?

A: It’s important to have an online presence because the world has gone digital. Your target consumer is probably glued to their phone or computer for several hours a day. Having an online presence keeps you relevant and at the front of their mind.

Virtual advertising is also easier to track and very effective at seducing consumers and keeping them seduced in the digital age of short attention spans.

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Q: From social media to creating a website, building an online presence from scratch can be daunting. What is your best piece of advice for getting started?

A: Building an online presence on social media vs a website can be very different. But what they both have in common is that they’ll require consistency, congruency, and tremendous dedication & focus.

Find your angle and don’t be afraid to piss some people off along the way. Speak to your core audience and stay true to your brand. Don’t try to please everyone.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Expansion.

And I may be working on a book 😉