Viberate Puts The Entire Global Live Music Ecosystem Under One Roof

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Viberate is a platform for the live music industry that puts the entire global live music ecosystem under one roof. Below is our recent interview with Ana Križmančič, CMO at Viberate:

Ana Križmančič

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Viberate?

A: Viberate is a live music platform built upon a crowdsourced and curated database that has been growing at a rocketing rate and now provides profiles of 300,000 artists, 90,000 venues, 2,000 booking agencies and 500,000 events. The profiles are equipped with all available social media links and reliable analytical insights that reveal the currently most popular genres, rising stars and sought-after venues, to name a few. By constantly upgrading the platform and expanding the database, we are taking all the necessary steps to further improve our service and ultimately become the main reference source for everyone interested in live music.

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Q: You have come a long way since your ICO. What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

A: There have been so many developments since that it seems as if our ICO happened ages ago. In short, our VIB token has been listed on all the major exchanges and exchange services, including Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, OKEx, Bancor and Changelly, and integrated into several digital wallets, including Jaxx and Coinomi. Our VIB token has been brought right to the users’ doorsteps and become more accessible than ever.

We have also made quite a few product upgrades crucial to our further development. In addition to artists, venues and events, we have implemented booking agency and event organizer profiles, thereby completing the circle and establishing an all-in-one live music ecosystem. The website was tailored to the needs of fans and professional users respectively, providing an entirely personalized user experience and a firm basis for the evolution of our marketplace. We have also taken extra measures to ensure maximum security and reliability for current use and in preparation for the launch of a completely new Viberate that is planned for Q4 this year.

Q: Your users can actually make money. How does that work?

A: We implemented a rewarding system, by means of which we have been distributing 5,000 VIB tokens daily among those who contribute to our database and help us keep it up-to-date. More precisely, our users can earn VIB tokens by adding new artists, venues and events to the database, suggesting changes and submitting ticket links. The community response has been incredible: we receive thousands of new entries and suggested changes on a daily basis.

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Q: What are your plans for the near future?

A: We have already partnered with Ticketmaster, one of the largest ticket sellers in the world, and have at least two other deals with some of the world’s leading providers in the pipeline. Once the deals are in place, we intend to take this further and provide the users with the option of purchasing event tickets from our site.

Another thing we plan to accomplish is the launch of a series of different mobile apps. With our research done, we are now focusing on bringing them into being. And it does not stop there. We also plan to launch a business and booking platform that will enable music professionals to take full advantage of the simple digitalized processes of booking artists and pursuing other business opportunities. Negotiations will be conducted by means of smart contracts and concluded with escrow payments. All interactions between the parties entering into an agreement will be stored on the blockchain, so none of the parties will be able to change the agreed-upon conditions once the deal is concluded. The entire process enables greater simplicity, transparency and security, which gives us an important edge over the competition. All in all, we can safely say we have a busy year ahead.