Marketing Communications Platform Cordial Helps Brands Engage Customers Through Adaptive Personalized Messaging

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Cordial is a marketing communications platform built by industry veterans and experts enabling companies to engage customers with personalized conversations throughout the digital journey. Their goal is to eliminate the complexities of one-to-one marketing at scale while providing the best possible experience for brands and their customers. Below is our interview with David Baker, COO & Founder of Cordial:


Q: You’ve recently announced partnerships with La Quinta, Revolve and Shoes of Prey; could you tell us something more?

A: La Quinta, Revolve, and Shoes of Prey are just the beginning of a shift happening in the market today. Marketers are finally starting to realize that the old technology, old methods, and old processes aren’t matching the changing consumer’s needs. Consumers today are tech savvy, have infinite options available, have super high expectations related to convenience and have a much lower threshold for brand loyalty. Marketers are desperate for solutions that will empower them to reach greater levels of personalization, optimization, and speed.

The legacy marketing clouds and marketing service providers are all formed based on acquisitions, not native innovation. With that, innovation becomes a secondary objective, service a third as they focus on integrating multiple businesses. What results is they lose touch with their customers, needs and how they enable adoption of new technology. All are core issues these brands faced and why they moved away. They simply needed to move faster, and needed organizations who are maniacally focused on making customers successful.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your platform?

A: There are essentially three ways we distinguish our product from others: Data, Personalization, and Optimization. We built our platform for the marketers, but it’s architected for the developers. Data flows in and out faster, and more seamlessly. IT no longer has to go fishing in the data lake to find what they want for the marketing team. Our platform brings harmony between Marketing and IT.

We’ve built our messaging platform to bring 1:1 personalization into the 21st century. Using Cordial’s adaptive templates, marketers can easily create highly personalized messages that use real-time data to programmatically pull in relevant content from any source..

Finally, as marketers, we believe that testing and optimizing should be mandatory, but that doesn’t mean that marketers have to do the heavy lifting. A/B Testing is dead, or better yet, only useful in some situations. So, we created a first in kind testing algorithm and sampling method that take testing to an autonomous level. Focused on experimentation and exploitation of winning combinations, all running continuously over time.

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Q: What makes Cordial a good choice?

A: In any technology it is about trust in the organization and matching a brand’s needs with a technology and service that matches their pace and growth aspirations. Many aren’t accustomed to such agile means. Roadmaps aren’t a year out, service isn’t a delay or layered function and our approach to onboarding and technology adoption has greatly compressed the pains of switching platforms, while compressing the implementation time by 400%. We have a collective 100 years experience in this marketing technology category, working with thousands of brands, and we built Cordial to address to real problems marketers and technologist face in engaging with their customers in sustainable ways.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: That is an eternity in our world. We are releasing product rapidly, have a very aggressive, but realistic view of the future of our platform. As our name suggests, we believe everything we do is rooted in adapting to the customer and our technology is a reflection of that. We are pressing the mobile front, pressing the personalization front, pressing new “channels” and working hard to build the most flexible way to manage, visualize and action on customer data. We are also scaling our company and plan to double our company in the next year, and with that comes some key decisions that we are making on what is the future of how we service customers in impactful and scalable ways. We went two years without one client leaving us and while that is a perfect score, we realize that to sustain such excellence as we grow will take conscious efforts to not just innovate around product capabilities, but also how we service, support, educate and inspire our clients to “bend lasers”.