Are You Looking For A New Hoverboard? HX Phantom Review

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Hoverboards aren’t as big of a thing as they were a couple of years ago, but honestly if you are looking for a hoverboard now is the time to buy one. They are safer than ever before, they are just as much fun to ride and honestly the prices are beginning to come down as well. So first off, why would you even get a hoverboard? Well honestly, they are just whole lot of fun to ride, even if you never rid a skateboard or anything like that, you should be able to master riding HX hoverboard in short amount of time.


One of the best things about HX hoverboard is its ability to go over just about all types of terrain. It’s very smooth to ride, so you should be able to ride this on pavement, on grass or even on rocks. This is powered by a powerful 351 dual motor which allows the hoverboard to reach a maximum speed of 15km per hour or 3.1 miles per hour. This one of the fastest hoverboards you can buy. But even when you are going top speed it doesn’t feel that scary, it has anti-slip pedals, you are never gonna be falling off. When you are getting on you have to put one foot at the time. When you are getting off, you want to step behind the hoverboard.

Speaking of safety, HX is one of the safest hoverboards you can buy. It costs a lot more than the competition. It’s around $700, but now it’s on sale for $300. What you are actually paying for is just whole lot of safety certifications. The comprehensive testing done is proving that the HX never combusts in charging or any other scenario, so you are not gonna be having a trouble of HX phantom lightning on fire.


Also another thing is if the system needs to shut down due to low power, the hoverboard is only gonna decelerate rather then complete stop. Which means you aren’t gonna be thrown from the hoverboard all of a sudden. On a single charge the HX phantom will take you 12 and a half miles, which is honestly an incredible range. It can go up to 30 degrees in steepness. Because of the strong motor, the hoverboard is quite heavy. It ways between 23 and 25 pounds depending on whether you get 6 and a half or 10 inch tires. The downside is that it can get scratched a lot, but it doesn’t affect the performance at all.