Blumira Helps You Identify And Respond To Cybersecurity Threats – All In One Platform

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Blumira is a software-as-a-service company in the information security industry, offering an automated threat detection and response platform so organizations can quickly identify cybersecurity threats and mitigate them. Below is our recent interview with Thu Pham, Head of Content & Product Marketing at Blumira:

Q: How Blumira’s cloud SIEM automates security operations?

A: Blumira’s cloud SIEM automates security operations by providing advanced threat detection and actionable response in one platform. It automatically parses many different types of log data through its integrations with major tech and security systems.

Then it correlates data with threat intelligence feeds and detection rules written by Blumira’s security team to prioritize alerts sent to customers, helping to reduce false-positives and alert fatigue.

Finally, it provides security playbooks written by Blumira’s security analysts team that walks customers through easy remediation and response – with no need to be a security expert. They can also choose to automatically block threats by enabling Blumira’s dynamic blocklists available through firewall integrations.

Additionally, Blumira offers honeypots to help organizations quickly identify unauthorized access and attacker lateral movement.

Blumira can alert on suspicious activity, threat behavior and operational disruptions, such as failovers and system outages to help security operations quickly identify problems and respond to them.

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Q: What is your key technology advantage?

A: Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform is built to be easy to deploy, manage and use. Customers can get it up and running in a matter of hours, not months or years. Typical SIEMs require a large team to deploy, manage and maintain it on an ongoing basis – that includes fine-tuning it with the latest detection rules so that it provides security value. They also often suffer from failed or stalled deployments, due to the time and effort it requires of customers to develop parsers for many different log types (this is what standardizes log data that is streamed to a centralized SIEM system for threat analysis and detection).

In contrast, Blumira is designed for organizations of any size, and small IT teams (without security expertise). It detects and prioritizes threats, provides all relevant security information automatically pulled from different systems, then walks them through easy remediation. It reduces complexity, alert fatigue and provides greater visibility into the latest threats.

Q: Who is your ideal user and why?

A: Blumira’s target customer has 100-2500 employees in the financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing and retail industries. They’re driven by the need to meet data compliance regulations (PCI, FFIEC, NIST, CMMC), brand protection or recent security incidents to find a defensive security solution. They typically have a limited security team, but mature IT operations, and are headquartered in the U.S.

Blumira’s users of its application include network administrators, IT and security professionals, CISOs and more.

Q: You’ve recently raised new funding round; can you tell us something more?

A: Blumira is seeking to bolster its Go-to-Market (GTM) and sales, while continuing to grow its engineering and security organization strategically with the new funding round. It continues to focus on solving real security problems in a usable, reliable and actionable way. The team is dedicated to its mission of bringing its advanced security solution typically only available to large enterprises within reach of the mid-market across many different industries struggling to defend against the latest cybersecurity attacks with limited resources and staff.

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Here is a summary paragraph of Blumira as it reads in an investment memo, written by Mike Asem from M25:

In the evolving technological landscape, where the impact of remote work has resulted in more endpoints for potential breaches than ever before, security for organizations continues to suffer from a shortness of resources and visibility. 74% of organizations attribute security issues to a lack of security experts, 40% of organizations claim alerts lack actionable insight, and all organizations are targets – with 58% of cybersecurity attacks target SMB. Blumira integrates with any existing service, is deployed in a matter of hours, and provides immediate value by pinpointing actionable security threats and automating remediation. While this is a competitive space, we’re excited by the first class team and advisors here. The CEO has spent decades in the industry building a successful consulting firm and building a strong reputation. He’s joined by several individuals who come from Duo Security (sold for $2.35B to Cisco) on day to day operations, as angel investors and advisors.