Lateral View Helps Companies Innovate Through Design, Creativity And Disruptive Technology

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Below is our recent interview with Florencia Echevarria, Marketing Leader at Lateral View:

Florencia Echevarria

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Lateral View?

A: Yes, of course. Lateral View is a digital agency based in Barcelona, San Francisco & Argentina. We are a team of 27 that build digital products for startups, and big companies since 2008. We’ve worked with clients such as HBO, Danone, BBC & Havas.

Q: What kinds of services do you offer to your clients?

A: We create websites and mobile apps, bots, work with IoT, design user-centered visual experiences and develop digital strategies. We help companies grow and improve by giving them the solutions they need. We offer end-to-end services for our clients when building digital products. From discovery & research, to designing & building up to growth & optimization.

We solve today’s problems by defining long lasting strong strategies. We don’t want our clients to get entangled with the present and loose sight of their long-term objectives and future view.

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Q: You’ve recently celebrated your 10th Anniversary presenting a brand new company; could you tell us something more?

A: Lateral View started as a software company back in 2008. Throughout the years, as we gained experience internationally and our clients trusted us, we were able to diversify our skill set and hire other kinds of profiles such as designers and marketers. This allowed us to create end-to-end products and grow as an integrated agency.

Working with the same clients throughout the years made us notice that we had two different value propositions. On one hand, we acquired the skills to create end-to-end products. This means we can create a brand, design a product and build it.

On the other hand, we had a great client demand regarding the development side of our team. Some companies come to us with the need of growing their team in development terms, and that’s how Major League was born. With the backing of Lateral View, we offer the most talented group of developers that are used to working together with startups and big companies. Because some clients just need staff augmentation when they’re growing fast, we provide them with a team with the highest quality standards to help their company move forward and reach important milestones.

Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: We are a digital agency that started out as a software development company. Along with our 10 year experience working with companies of several industries (health, entertainment, navigation, design, business), our strong tech know-how allows us to offer clients the most innovative solutions while keeping their business interests in mind and a user centered approach that will make the products friendly and visually attractive.

Also, the experience of working in so many projects has allowed us to perfect our project management process and we’re always researching new technologies, design methods and content strategies to make sure we’re always up to date.

Our medium-sized team allows us to remain agile while ensuring we have quality standards and organization. This is useful when working with companies that have a hard time pursuing innovation and need external help to implement it. It’s also useful for startups that don’t have the necessary minimum processes to be efficient in the early stages of their company.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Recently, we have transferred our HQ to Barcelona where the entrepreneurial scene is booming. Our goal is to expand our presence in Europe without losing our client base in the US. Now that we have two main units with different value propositions,Lateral View and Major League, we can work on positioning both of them with the right client depending on their needs (end-to-end products or staff augmentation).

We are used to evolving constantly as an agency so we will keep on working in generating a space for our clients to innovate in their businesses and products.