Goliath Technologies’ CEO Thomas Charlton Recognized As Top Influential Leader In MedTech

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Improving Clinician Experience with EHR applications has made Goliath the Standard
in Health IT.

Goliath Technologies, with technology that is purpose-built to improve clinician experience and patient care when using EHR applications, announced today that Insight Success, a leading business magazine for entrepreneurs and technology, named Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO, one of the top ten influential leaders in MedTech.

Under Charlton’s leadership, Goliath has become a standard in Health IT, with technical and/or business relationships with all four major Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers (Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, and Allscripts). Health systems improve clinician experience by leveraging the performance metrics Goliath correlates into a single view from their EHR application, end-user experience, and the Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructure. IT Pros can then anticipate, troubleshoot, and document end-user experience issues more effectively to improve system performance for the medical staff. The ultimate impact to health systems is improved patient care.

“Healthcare clients require purpose-built technology to solve very specific issues faced by today’s Health IT departments,” shares Charlton. “An enterprise IT department will have twice the budget and people to support the same number of users as the health system does. And, in Health IT, patient care is ultimately in the balance if IT systems don’t perform optimally. At Goliath, we have developed technology that has built-in automation and intelligence to address these challenges and has proven to have the net effect of adding three full-time employees to a health system’s staff.”

With Goliath’s embedded intelligence and automation, health systems can easily discover their entire Citrix or VMware Horizon environment and identify what to monitor, the thresholds to set, and then alert when thresholds are exceeded. The software does this for all potential events, conditions, and failure points regarding end-user performance issues when accessing and using their EHR systems along with other business and clinical applications.

“In Insights Success’ latest edition, The 10 Most Influential Leaders in MedTech, we focus on the vital contribution of exceptional technology leaders in the area of healthcare. Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies, is an innovator and leader in MedTech. With Goliath, he has brought disruptive changes to healthcare IT, helping them deliver on their ultimate mission of delivering high-quality patient care. Insights Success recognizes and appreciates his contribution, and is honored to feature him in this issue,” states Pooja M. Bansal, Editor-in-Chief at Insight Success.

“I am honored to be recognized by Insights Success in leading the area of MedTech. Once the right market and product has been established, my focus is on building the right team to bring that technology into market and continue to ensure its value is recognized across all health systems. Goliath’s growth and success is a direct result of the efforts of our team who are passionate about helping alleviate the pains Health IT experience daily,” says Charlton.