Enterprise Wipe Drive Software: An Efficient Cybersecurity Solution Amid The Pandemic

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While the use of hardware, software, and other technological solutions in the workplace has been a practice for several years now, transitioning to a remote workforce amid the pandemic left many companies and their employees in disarray. From ensuring staff had adequate tools to perform their jobs to developing management strategies and structured workflows, making this shift in haste presented many challenges.

Of the many obstacles enterprises faced, protecting company information and consumer data was the most significant. Unfortunately, government and private entities found themselves exposed to cyber-attacks and security breaches. Scammers and hackers used tactics ranging from viruses and malware to fraudulent emails and more to access otherwise private data.

Discovering Vulnerabilities

It wasn’t long before businesses discovered some of the vulnerabilities the pandemic exposed. Remote employees relied on home internet connections and personal laptops, computers, and mobile devices for work, making it easier for cybercriminals to plant viruses, decode passwords, and access company data.

Company-Issued Devices

Hoping to resolve this issue, upper management decided to distribute computing devices owned by the company to employees while working remotely. This strategy did minimize some of the security risks, but not all of them. Once the technologies were acquired, many employees found that they were outdated or lacked the features necessary to perform their jobs from home.

Upgraded Technologies

There were reports of software not updating correctly, malfunctioning applications, slow internet speeds, frozen screens, and much more. These problems slowed down productivity leaving management with no choice but to upgrade the devices. Wanting to act quickly, employees were advised to return outdated devices in exchange for a new one funded by their employer. Unfortunately, minimal steps were taken to eliminate enterprise data, leaving its assets once again in jeopardy.

End-Of-Life Tech and Security Risks

Businesses must keep company, employee, and consumer data safe. This includes removing sensitive information from outdated devices. While hitting delete or uninstalling a program may seem like the only steps required, most don’t realize that hackers can still access the data.

Should someone get hold of a company laptop, they can acquire information ranging from passwords to bank details. This could be a severe problem for businesses; learning everything, you can about data protection, hard drive erasures, and other cybersecurity solutions by searching reputable websites.

Enterprise Wipe Drive Software

Enterprise wipe drive software has been proven to be an effective way of keeping data out of the wrong hands. It essentially removes all company data from computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This process can be completed individually with a CD or USB drive, simultaneously through a PXE network, or remotely to accommodate your virtual workforce.

Data wiping software is more practical than paying for shredding or hard drive destruction. It’s more affordable, a lot less time-consuming, better for the environment, and more. Not to mention, companies interested in making extra money could safely sell their outdated devices or donate them for a tax credit.

Using certified enterprise data drive software also meant that government, healthcare, education, and other private and public entities could remain in compliance with Data protection laws and avoid fines and penalties during routine audits. It also meant reducing the likelihood of a serious scandal or lawsuit that could ruin their reputation and business for good. This advantage alone provides peace of mind to businesses and the customers, clients, and patients they’re servicing during these already uncertain times.

Despite the many changes to everyday life that came with the pandemic, businesses large and small did the best they could to adjust. As anyone could imagine, transitioning from brick and mortar locations to remote operations presented several challenges. With cyber-attacks at an all-time high, entrepreneurs, department managers, and IT personnel worked around the clock to determine the most effective ways to protect company data. Fortunately, technological solutions like enterprise wipe drive software provided a solution to what could have been a chaotic outcome in an already overwhelming time.