DataGrail Helps Companies To Remain Continuously Compliant Even As New Regulations Emerge Or Change

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Below is our recent interview with Alicia diVittorio, Strategic Marketing at DataGrail:

Q: You’ve recently raised $5 Million in Series A round; could you tell us something more?

A: We’re excited to welcome Mallun Yen (founding team of SaaStr, RPX Corporation and former VP of Worldwide Intellectual Property at Cisco Systems, Inc.) to our Board of Directors. We’re also delighted to add Okta Ventures, Basis Set Ventures, Steve Lucas (former CEO of Marketo), Ross Mason (Founder & CTO of MuleSoft), and several other prominent investors. These new additions offer a wealth of rare insights into the challenges that businesses face when addressing privacy compliance. With this funding we intend to accelerate growth in advance of anticipated demand before the CCPA privacy compliance deadline at the end of the year.

When founding DataGrail, we knew there was a new, better solution for companies to uphold their data privacy commitments for their customers. Previous market solutions didn’t support the intricacies created by a complex technology ecosystem. And although existing tools were excellent at process management, they failed to provide a real-time inventory of systems processing personal data, the foundation for a truly effective privacy program.

Helping organizations — like G2, Intercom, and Databricks — build and maintain customer trust inspires us daily to continue innovating for the next chapter in data privacy. What’s more, by surrounding ourselves with tech leaders, such as Mallun Yen, we are ready for the next phase of our company’s growth.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Request Manager streamlines the management of privacy regulations. It’s a centralized system that manages the requests across all the business systems. When a customer requests their data or a deletion, Request Manager instantly identifies the location of the requestor’s personal data across an entire business, and populates the details of the request into a single online dashboard, making it possible to fulfill the request in minutes. It eliminates human errors associated with manually processing a data export deletion requests.

Live Data Map enables companies to discover and map personal data in seconds–not weeks or even month, thus eliminating long email threads, surveys and questionnaires. The Live Data Map is continually refreshed as new cloud applications and fields are added.

Privacy Dashboard gives you a single place to view, manage and control your customer’s data privacy requests. Use the privacy dashboard to securely onboard your business systems, no coding required.

Preference Card is single place where customers can go to manage their preferences, in other words it’s a company-wide preference management system. It pulls preference data from all of a company’s business systems, into one, macro preference card, making it so a customer only has to enter their preferences ONCE per company. Because it’s intelligent, it can propagate a customer’s preferences across all a company’s consumer-facing systems.

Q: What makes your platform unique?

A: Often businesses have no idea all the applications they are running, and subsequently don’t know the personal data within those applications. DataGrail solves this problem — we provide businesses with real-time view into all the applications they use, and personal data they have, so they can easily comply with existing and emerging privacy laws. We do this by integrating directly into a massive ecosystem of apps, much like Okta does for SSO. Other privacy firms don’t have the same level of visibility, therefore their customers aren’t able to maintain a steady state of compliance.

DataGrail is the only company that directly integrates with 100+ business systems and applications (Adobe, Salesforce, Okta, etc) to help manage the privacy and identity of consumers. This approach streamlines and automates the process of receiving data requests, data deletions, and enabling consumers to manage their preferences. Our direct integrations make “data mapping” in the traditional sense an obsolete need. We have direct connections with each business system, ensure a company’s “data inventory” is automatically updated and continuously refreshed (data map updated in real-time).

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Q: What can we expect from DataGrail in the future?

A: DataGrail is working hard to ensure companies can remain continuously compliant even as new regulations emerge or change.

Last Updated on January 8, 2020