SuperHuman Academy – A Premium Education And Content Platform Dedicated To Helping People Overcome The “Impossible”

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Below is our recent interview with Jonathan Levi, Accelerated Learning Expert from SuperHuman Academy:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SuperHuman Academy?

A: SuperHuman Academy our a premium education and content platform dedicated to helping people overcome the “impossible.” Our online courses range from our flagship SuperLearner memory and speed reading programs, to our programs on productivity, health and wellness, and more. In addition, we offer a free weekly podcast, where we’ve interviewed hundreds of the world’s top experts. The overarching goal of our business and our brand is to empower and maximize the potential of every human being we touch.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your courses?

A: We are best known for our SuperLearner® product line, a popular methodology for learning speed reading, memory improvement, and accelerated learning techniques. That program has earned us over 200,000 paid enrollments across the different price points and levels

Our next most popular course is our Speed Demon productivity brand, which helps people automate, delegate, and optimize their lives so that they have more time for what matters

Additionally, we offer courses on:

Career advancement and how to “skip the ladder”

Lifestyle design and how to set goals and create the life of your dreams

Endocrine health and how to improve their testosterone

Digital organization, and how to gain control over your entire digital life

Passive Income and wealth creation

Fitness, nutrition, and how to create the body you’ve always dreamed of

And more

Q: Who are SuperLearner®️ Certified Coaches? What does it take to be one?

A: SuperLearner® Certified coaches are individuals that I have personally trained to help students through the process of becoming SuperLearners.

In addition to being versed in the SuperLearner methodology itself, they’ve undergone specialized training to determine when students are struggling, and to get them “un-stuck.” In order to become a SuperLearner Certified Coach, you must first be personally selected by me from a list of applicants, demonstrate proficiency in the SuperLearner methodology, attend regular training calls with me, complete many hours of online training videos, pass a rigorous background check, and earn 100% on a series of 3 exams.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a SuperLearner?

A: Whew… where to begin! The world we live in is rapidly changing – we all know that. SuperLearners are people who are able to keep up – plain and simple. They are able to learn anything that they want with relative ease, and actually implement it into their lives. It’s hard to overstate the benefits of that to both your professional and your personal life. Just think: anything you want to accomplish in life is just a matter of learning the skills you need to achieve it. What could you achieve if you could learn anything in a third of the time?

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Q: What can we expect from your academy in the future?

A: In the coming years, we really want to focus on creating community. We believe that people learn effectively when they have content, community, and accountability. We already have plenty of ultra high-quality content, and our SuperLearner certified coaches are there to help with accountability. Next, we need to master the community piece. Whether this means membership groups, regular calls, meetups, or large-scale live events, we are very interested in figuring out how we can create that sense of community for our learners.