Digital Marketing Platform MRKT365 Combines Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning For Search Engine Optimization

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Below is our recent interview with Eran Hurvitz, CEO at MRKT360:

Q: Eran, can you tell us more about MRKT360?

A: Mrkt360 is a full solution digital marketing agency located in Vaughan, Ontario. We have a vast range of global clients, small and large, in industries ranging from locksmiths to law firms. We are a Google Premier Channel Partner, which means we have an exemplary track record of facilitating growth and business success for our global client base. This title also gives us access to the latest and best betas and new features for Google Ads, as well as a talented team of Google account strategists that provide extra support to our clients in reaching their online marketing goals. We also have a Facebook Partners badge, which only 1000 companies in the world have.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: Mrkt360 offers a wide range of digital marketing services. Our offerings include search engine optimization, Google Adwords management, social media management, YouTube marketing, website design, Google penalty removals, local listing management and tencent advertising.

I have a passion for technology and over 20 years of digital marketing experience. Our company is not just a regular agency. Our team specializes in innovation, artificial intelligence, and providing high quality and personalized online services.

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Q: From your perspective how can search engine optimization change a business owner’s life?

A: In our perspective, search engine optimization is not a marketing expense, it is a long term business investment that will facilitate success for years to come. Search engine optimization is absolutely vital for businesses of all industries and sizes, as it is a crucial component of the sales funnel and is an extremely important tool to generate conversions and engagement. As online searchers do not usually read beyond the first three results, it is important for the business owner’s success to be ranked high on search queries via search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization allows businesses to target potential customers that already have an interest in their products or services. When brands are visible on search engines during the consumers time of need, this helps to create a meaningful connection between them. Search engine optimization, in combination with a compelling website builds trust and credibility at a massive scale, for a relatively cheap price compared to traditional, broader marketing tactics.

Q: What is Mrkt365? How does it work?

A: Mrkt365 is an in-house digital marketing platform that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve SEO rankings, generate traffic, increase conversions, and optimize overall marketing campaigns for our clients.

The platform does a comprehensive scan of your website, identifies areas that are in need of improvement, and creates personalized recommendations that will enhance marketing opportunities. The Mrkt365 platform will then match you with the perfect vendor to get the job done. Our clients then choose to complete the job with the vendor, or in-house.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our plans for the future involve continuously growing as an agency, and constantly keeping up-to-date and adapting to innovation, the newest technologies, and changes in the marketing industry.

We understand that the marketing landscape is constantly changing with new trends and innovations. Thus, we want to continue to exceed our clients expectations in the future by evolving with these changes and delivering exemplary results.