IT Support LA Delivers Trusted Computer Support For Businesses Throughout Los Angeles

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Below is our recent interview with Yuri Aberfeld, CEO at IT Support LA:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to IT Support LA?

A: IT Support LA is a Managed Service and Outsource IT focused on professional services, Law Firms and Engineering/Architecture Firms in Los Angeles. We provide a HaaS(Hardware as a Service) like no other. Our solutions are customer tailored to each business needs because we understand businesses are different in their nature, therefore we do not offer tiered plans that are cookie cutters that focus on per user or per device model. Our process includes identifying the IT needs as well as the business struggles and bottlenecks. Our primary focus is on data loss prevention and security. Out solution will provide EVERYTHING a business need to stay ahead of the curve and will include hardware, software, licenses and support in one bundled and cost effective price.

We eliminate the need for having a large capital expense spent by the customers, as well as providing a consolidated billing and vendor management like no other, to allow the customer control their IT budgeting and not having multiple vendors ,multiple bills and understanding what represents what. We are a truly Technology Partner removing completely the business from dealing with technology and focusing on their area of expertise. We simply provide peace of mind.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We provide a wide range of services. As mentioned, we focus on security and data loss prevention so managed anti virus, managed firewall, user training, local backups, cloud backups, along with anti spam solution, email continuiny and email security. We strongly adopted the cloud and use as many cloud based services as possibly can, as long as it fits the client’s needs. We also provide Concierge services that sets us apart such as consolidated billing(clients move their technology bills under our umbrella for easy management and tracking), Vendor Management(true management in a form of liaison between all the vendors so clients working with us and we work with their vendors), Technician on site(we provide a weekly technician on site for personalized and immediate assistance) and on demand reporting(everything is tracked because only what is tracked is managed).

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Q: What makes your company stand out? Why are you the best?

A: I do not think we are the best. We still have a lot to learn, but our vision to provide a genuine and honest IT services and to be a true partner rather than a vendor to our customers do put us in the right path. We believe that choosing us will give the customer the best outsourced experience for the following reasons:

-We provide HaaS with NO CONTRACTS – we invest a large capital to acquire hardware, software and licensing for the customer in the onboarding stages and in return we do NOT ask for any “guarantee” or “protection”. We simply believe that good service will keep the customers with us, without the need of contracts

-We provide 90 days money back guarantee – INCLUDING THE SETUP FEE – so if we do not deliver, customer is eligible to receive all their money back if they choose to cancel

-We are very community oriented – we do not work with our of LA clients , we are part of the chamber of commerce, AIA(American Institute of Architecture) , San Fernando Valley Bar Network, Santa Clarita Valley Bar Network and I personally on the board of advisor for UEI College, a local college that provides IT education. In addition to this, I personally in the process of founding a non profit organization that will provide free after hours programs, workshops and tutoring for individuals that seek career in IT and need help choosing the right pathway, strengthen their IT knowledge and pursue certificates and other training.

-Running a business is more than just being a good IT company. Business are complex entities and it is important to us that a client chooses a company that will be there in the future to support them. Beyond positive cash flow, our company is fully insured and bonded, all of our technicians are certified(our company provides education, pays for certificates and pushes the employees to always improve themselves), we are fully compliance with all the state and federal laws, we pay our taxes on time and IN FULL, we do not have any legal issues or liens, our D&B credit is impeccable and besides improving our IT processes, we make sure to invest into legal, financial and HR aspect to assure our business is healthy.

-We do NOT outsource our service. All of our techs are in house techs of IT Support LA

-We are an award winning company. We were named in the MSPMentor Top 501 for 2017 and 2018 and we are currently candidates for Top IT company in USA by the Small Business Expo.

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Q: Why is hiring an IT company important thing for small and mid-sized businesses?

A: As business grows, IT becomes complex. Suddenly a network consists of data that needs protected, employees that need to be trained, computers that don’t work properly, and network that needs to be secured and managed. Services such as WiFi, BYOD, cloud applications and remote desktop services are great technology advances however, they also can be exploited and be the culprit of business going out business. We firmly believe that as technology advances, ALL companies should take advantage of that to improve their efficiency , productivity and at the end, their bottom line. In order to achieve that, small businesses need a strong partner to assume these responsibilities. It is impossible for a business owner to deal with these and to know every small aspect of IT. Same as our company outsources services such as marketing, legal and HR, simply because we do not know enough to manage these ourselves, the 2 options are bringing an internal IT or outsourcing that portion. Since bringing IT can often be too expensive to afford for a small business, outsourcing is the next best thing and we believe every company with more than 5 employees SHOULD have SOME sort of Managed IT that will fit their budget and provide the services that will assure them to keep on running efficiently.

Q: What can we expect from IT Support LA in the future?

A: IT Support LA has been experiencing a positive growth in the past 3 years and we are in the business of growing it. Our mission is to become a major player in the LA market and we will continue doing so by giving back to our community, a community that has been allowing us to flourish and grow. Providing employment opportunities from 0 employees in 2015 to 10 employees in 2018. Our vision is to change the way IT is seen(like going to the dentist) and educating customers about security, data protection and why they need a managed service company that prevent issues rather than reacting to them.