BrighterBins Produces Cost-Effective Smart Sensors For Municipal And Commercial Waste Pickup

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Below is our recent interview with Noman Ahmed, CEO of BrighterBins:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to BrighterBins?

A: Of course! Brighterbins was created when our founder, Noman Ahmed saw the waste littered on his children’s playground due to overflowing public bins. On the way home from the playground he hit his cars steering wheel in frustration, as he was inching homeward in rush-hour behind a 15-ton garbage truck. The smell of diesel seeping into his children lungs in the backseat was a painful metaphor. His children’s playground was overflowing with litter, and inefficient waste management spewed unnecessary amounts of climate gas into the atmosphere.
Waste management needed change.

What if waste bins could talk to us? What if waste management knew exactly which bins should be emptied, and which ones should be left for another week? Noman wanted to develop sensors that measured fill-levels of garbage containers, as well as a software solution that uses AI to calculate the best pickup-routes. So, he assembled a team of engineers and got started.

After years of development the sensor was market-ready and highly competitive. A cost-effective smart waste bin sensor with a flexible design, fit for any type of waste bin. It was the answer to overflowing bins and inefficient waste pickup. BrighterBins is currently expanding to new markets, making a second iteration of their software solution and further developing our sensors for numerous use-cases.

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Q: Tell us something more about your solution?

A: The BrighterBins sensor and software presents years of development wrapped into a user-friendly and easy-to-implement solution. Based on research done in several cities, public bins are on average emptied only around 40% fill level! This is a major waste of money, time and carbon emissions. Overflowing bins present just as big a problem, both worsening our city environment and wasting money on picking up litter which could’ve been easily avoided using BrighterBins’ solution.

Our software boasts planning tools such as: Fleet management, Truck routing and scheduling, fill-level forecasting, reporting & analytics and more. The sensor is both cheap and fits 90% of bins, both big and small!

Q: Who would be your ideal customer and why?

A: That’s a rather difficult question, as every new customer is an opportunity for us to tailor the solution to their needs. Public bins in cities, water tanks and large containers alike are all examples of areas that can benefit from the BrighterBins solution. If you think ‘could this be a possibility for my company?’, chances are it very well could be.

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Q: What can we expect from BrighterBins in the future?

A: There are exciting times ahead for BrighterBins. We are currently developing a second iteration of software platform. This second-generation platform will have specialized user interfaces for management seniors and for waste-route planners and dispatchers. We are looking forward to hearing our customers and partners feedback on this new software, ready to make alterations and adjustment to fit the individual customers needs.

Although our mission is to become a key player in waste-management logistic solutions, we are also targeting other sectors using alterations of the same solution.