Blue Wireless Delivers Wireless Network Solutions For Enterprise Customers

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Founded in late 2015, Blue Wireless today serve enterprises with 4G/LTE solutions to connect branches and IOT projects across the Asia Pacific region. The company has grown exponentially since being founded in the last several years. Most recently, Blue Wireless has expanded the business to Malaysia and Europe, and has connected over 400 locations across Asia Pacific.

In order to learn more about the impressive growth story of Blue Wireless and the company’s future plans, we had an interview with Blue Wireless founder, Ivan Landen.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Blue Wireless?

A: Yes, happy to. Blue Wireless provides wireless network solutions for enterprise customers. We offering flexible and reliable connectivity based on 4G/LTE: ideal for branches, remote locations, vessels, vehicles and IOT. All those places where wired lines are too cumbersome or not available and where satellite is too expensive. We’re headquartered in Singapore and to date we’re covering 21 countries in Asia Pacific. And we’re expanding this to 50+ countries in the year ahead to include Europe.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Our solution is a bundled service including Edge Equipment (Routers), SIM Plans, Field Services and Support. This means companies don’t need to source and manage those components individually, but simply gets wireless connectivity for their branch or project from us as a service. Delivered within 72 hours, with uptime SLA and with fixed pricing month-on-month. And all the security-, performance and support features which enterprises expect are bundled. And by offering the same solution across 20+ countries it lowers the complexity and reduces cost for our corporate customers tremendously.

Q: What are the benefits of using 4G/LTE wireless?

A: Major benefit of using wireless access is instant connectivity, without the hassle, cost and waiting involved in getting a wired connection. It’s extremely flexible, so even for temporary use it’s great and in many cases it’s cheaper than a wired connection, especially when used as backup or for remote locations. An additional benefit of Blue Wireless is the fact that we’re network independent, which means the customer is not limited to one single operator. We offer access to 40+ networks in 21 countries, which means there is build-in network diversity and much enhanced coverage, so your connection is always up. And our pricing model is fixed monthly charge, which means no bill-shock and variable billing.

Q: What digital trends in 2019 we can expect when it comes to mobile networks?

A: The investments in mobile networks continues at staggering pace with LTE (4G) now available virtually everywhere and 5G being introduced gradually. At the moment LTE is already outperforming DSL Broadband services and for coming year we’ll see more and more countries where wireless will become the preferred connection method. But the main development is that 4G/LTE is no longer limited to Mobile Phones, but for WAN connectivity, IOT Connectivity, Vessels, Vehicles, Emergency Services, Robotics etc. The list of use cases continues to grow.

Q: What’s your product strategy like, what companies do you partner with for your solutions?

A: Our corporate customers require flexible and reliable communication solutions and thus it’s important we have all the right components bundled in one service. The cornerstone in this are Cradlepoint solutions, which has a range of devices for branches, mobile vehicles and IOT application such as kiosks. But as the use cases for 4G/LTE grow we continue to expand our range of equipment options. For example: we are serving more customers in the maritime sector with 4G/LTE connectivity for their vessels. To enable communications off-shore, we added the maritime antennas of Poynting, a South African manufacturer specialized in high-gain long range antennas.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Key for us is to serve our customers and key demand is for more coverage, so we’re working hard to add more countries to our coverage list. We just opened our new office in the Netherlands to lead our Europe expansion which we expect to complete by end of 2019. Of course we also want to be the first to offer 5G-based solutions in our markets and with Cradlepoint we’re confident we can do this in 2019. But to us it’s clear – the world is going wireless and our ambition is to be the enabler of wireless solutions for enterprises globally.