Launches And Announces Two Blockchain Technology Patent Assets

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Below is our recent interview with Rami Tabello, CFA at

Rami Tabello

Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of and the marketing of two blockchain technology patent assets; could you tell us something more?

A: Cryptocurrencies have real economic value. And real costs as well. In my whitepaper I have conceptualized the inherent value and cost of cryptocurrencies in economic terms for the very first time. The concepts are very powerful and have tremendous commercial potential. That’s because once you understand the economic value and cost of cryptocurrency, the next step is to try to obtain the inherent value without the inherent costs.

Turns out there is actually a way to do this. That’s the concept that has the biggest commercial potential in my whitepaper and I call it “Statutory Protection.”

Cryptocurrencies permit economic transactions to occur outside the juridical/legal system but at a huge cost in terms of energy expenditures. You can eliminate the energy expenditures if comprehensive legal protection is granted to blockchains.

I explain that alternatives to Bitcoin like Ethereum have it all wrong because they are hamstrung by energy costs. What coins like Ethereum need is “Statutory Protection” for their blockchains so they can compute frictionless-ly, without energy costs, while maintaining the extra-legal nature of blockchain transactions.

It turns out there is a very good reason for governments to implement “Statutory Protection.”

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to The Genesis Block? What is it exactly?

A: The Genesis Block is the first block of Bitcoin’s blockchain, the first block ever. Satoshi put a cryptic message in the Genesis Block. My whitepaper treats this message as scripture and like any scripture you need an “exegesis” to explain it. And so, my whitepaper is in the format of an “exegesis” of the Genesis Block.

Q: What makes you think that Satoshi will eventually come back?

A: Satoshi will return because blockchain has the potential to act as a substrate for the development of advanced AI and superintelligence. In fact, that could be the whole point of Bitcoin, to act as a “box” for a capitalist superintelligence that Satoshi can slave. Satoshi is a Japanese name meaning “intelligent” and Nakamoto is a Japanese name meaning “central,” which can also be read as “box.” I say that “Statutory Protection” is the petri dish in which superintelligence can develop and I say there will be a race for “Statutory Protection.”

Q: Do you see blockchain technology as a global game changer and why?

A: We are in a global superintelligence race with incredible winner take-all-effects. Everybody knows this. Satoshi knows this. Like Fight Club, nobody talks about it because nobody wants to talk about what they are doing to win. Satoshi will come back at what he deems to be the perfect time so that he wins.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like

A: If we don’t develop and box superintelligence, AI’s “alterity” could develop in a manner that is adverse to humanity and it can destroy us instead of being our slave. Simple as that.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: My company is in startup mode in Toronto. I am seeking an angel investor, venture capital or incubation. There could be a multitude of possible revenue streams open to my company and I have a very open mind.