Event Intelligence Company Jomablue Transforms Event Experiences Into Sales And Marketing Insights

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Below is our recent interview with David Haysom-McDowell, CEO at Jomablue:

Reggie Yativ

Q: Who are Jomablue?

A: I started Jomablue in 2001. Since then we have become a leader in event intelligence, empowering event producers and marketers transform their event experiences into unprecedented sales and marketing insights. How? With a cutting-edge platform that enhances and captures each individual attendees personalised experience.

Q: Why is technology so important to the events industry?

A: The rise of digital marketing technology has allowed businesses to better understand their customers behaviour and motivations, in a level of detail not previously accessible.

Live events are an incredible opportunity to gain customer insight, yet many businesses struggle to capture information about how guests behave. Jomablue’s unique Smart Badge technology enables marketers to capture customer insights at every possible opportunity and view behavior reports in real-time. This technology provides a new understanding of how customers engage with businesses during an event.

Interestingly, technology, used well, can create a more personal experience for event attendees. Jomablue cleverly issues e-Tickets from the integrated platform, which are then scanned on arrival to an event. The guests Smart Badge is then automatically printed from a nearby pod. What is really unique, is that each guest is greeted personally and passed seamlessly to a real person who smiles and pases them a smart badge. Guests are greeted by people – not by lines, or check-in machines.

It’s in these ways, technology can help both event organisers and marketers achieve their objectives – creating better a customer experiences through streamlined experiences and reporting more detailed ROIs with the help of our customer insights.

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Q: How can your event insights help marketers and event planners?

A: Customer insights are an incredibly valuable tool for making informed operational and planning decisions, as well a increasing sales conversions after an event.

For example, knowing that 1,000 guests have arrived, but only 200 have Checked-In for specific sessions enables organisers to delay start times, or to encourage guests to put down their morning tea and make their way to their chosen session.

Knowing which speakers attract the highest number of guests, or which download content was most popular can help shape future event planning. Similarly, Checking-In to a particular session can trigger specific marketing sequences from inside the Jomablue Portal, providing detailed information to prospective customers about the products or services they are most interested in.

To complete the picture, after the event each guest is generated an “Engagement Score”. This feature assists sales teams to follow-up and target those attendees most interested in a particular topic. This amazing insight can save time and resources by quickly identifying those most likely to convert, armed with information you know they are interested to hear.

Customer insights empower businesses to make better business decisions.

Q: Can you explain how your event platform is at the cutting-edge?

A: We are always excited when new technologies are released. The team swiftly integrate new developments into the event platform, utilising new technology to create a better experience for event organisers and their guests, as well as supporting marketing team objectives.

We recently released a new API, that uploads event data directly into customers CRM’s, eliminating the need for post-event CSV file uploads. Our re-imagined event app ultises new progressive web applications, meaning there is no need for app or play store downloads. Facial recognition software has been playfully integrated into our event app login process, as just another option for enhanced customer experience.

All these new features have one focus. Our goal is make event experiences more personal, more insightful and more streamlined for event marketers and event attendees.

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Q: What can we expect to see from Jomablue in the future?

A: Jomablue strive to stay at the cutting-edge of event technology. The platform is constantly evolving to be more personal, more insightful and more streamlined. You can stay informed about our latest features and releases by following our blog, or social pages.