An Interview With Michael Remy – President And CEO At CLIR Research

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Below is our recent interview with Michael Remy, President and CEO at CLIR Research:

Q: Michael, can you tell us what are the essences of CLIR Research?

A: From small efforts, great changes can occur. This is the essences of CLIR Research. We are a veteran owned organization with a passion for technological innovation and development. Our focus is in our name, Creative, Loyal, Innovative, and Reliable. We seek opportunities to address customer needs and develop economically viable solutions in a timely manner.

Q: What is your backstory? How did your company come into being?

A: Starting in August of 2019, we have just three members but aspire to build a cutting-edge enterprise. The vision for this effort comes from two of our members that have a vision and drive to change technology. Doug Kimzey as our developer provides experience from a previous business effort and has developed a software tool called Improvit! that addressed production and business efficiency. Doug also has extensive experience as a senior developer for another company. Jared Smith is our software architect that continues to serve with the Army National Guard. He brings experience from working with another company to optimize another software suite for the Department of Defense. Jared has proven skills as an analyst and team leader in his efforts within the Army National Guard. These talented members recruited a recently retired Air National Guard Chief Master Sergeant, Michael Remy, to manage the business. He brings an Masters in Business Administration in Project Management and experience running a twelve member shop for over five years. This team joins forces to explore the challenges of future technology and perhaps add knowledge and tools to the existing environment.

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Q: What projects are your currently working on? What sorts of challenges do you solve for your clients?

A: Through careful consideration and effort, we are focused on two key projects. First is a simulator designed to assist medication professionals in training on the EEG system. The device will simulate the electronic impulses of the mind and allow professionals and students to train on the proper alignment and reading of EEG signals. The use of the EEG is vital to understand the varied ailments that reside within the mind. This device will also simulate the signal profiles for people suffering from a variety of mental illnesses. The hope is to further the understanding a treatment of mental illness with a emphasis on traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our second project is a renewal of the Improvit! software to aid businesses in business intelligence. The key challenge and most exciting aspect is potential integration into augmented and virtual reality environments. Our members are working to push the edge of what is possible with AR/VR interfaces. This holds immense potential for the manufacturing industry but can also address complex system issues by permitting managers to drill down into a process to see potential anomalies in timing.

Q: What are you most excited about in the industry at the moment and what future trends are you expecting to see?

A: We look forward to the expansion and potential use of quantum computing to increase artificial intelligence. AI presents the possibility of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our projects under development. AR and VR environments will continue to expand into nearly every industry from medical training to business intelligence. Expanding the capabilities of AR and VR to allow users to retrieve and view manuals or statistics can change the way processes proceed. This has the potential to reach into automotive repair, amusement park operations, or commercial sales efforts. Further, processors and memory will continue to increase at a regular rate making cloud computing and data management more exciting. We look forward to the potential to provide data management for clients depending on how these future capabilities develop.

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Q: What are some of the main objectives for CLIR Research in 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: As a small enterprise we currently bootstrap our operations with no regular operating location. We need office and work space to execute our two complex projects. The main focus for this year is to secure funding for office space, supplies, and marketing efforts. Our first effort will be to apply for a secure grant to help us realize our current projects. We are intent on avoiding debt as much as possible. We are also looking into a couple of smaller efforts that may generate revenue. A couple of these efforts include ambient noise monitoring and report generation. There is also a possibility to provide electronic chips and part packages tailored to particular devices. We are looking forward to execution of our EEG device to bring our company into the forefront of biomedical device development.