An Interview With Gabriel Ciordas, The Founder & CEO Of Bannersnack

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Bannersnack is an all-in-one design platform that started out in 2008 in Transylvania. Below is our recent interview with Gabriel Ciordas, the Founder & CEO of Bannersnack:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Bannersnack?

A: We’re not only helping millions of users, including Top 500 companies, create well-crafted visuals for their advertising and marketing campaigns, but we also offer the necessary tools that help teams increase their productivity.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Our features are mostly oriented towards productivity. With this goal in mind, we have developed much-appreciated features such as The Magic Animator (with one simple click you can animate your entire banner ad), the Timeline (you can quickly edit your layers’ time span, delay, and placement), or the Photoshop Integration. Another one that’s very appreciated by our customers is the Design Generator, which allows them to create full sets of static or animated banner ads online in just a few minutes. This feature alone can save up to 2 hours of work every single day.

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We have high-quality and original content in our library. Customers can either search for a professional template and customize it or create a design from scratch using our own personalized illustrations, elements, and thousands of stock photos. We have a team of talented designers and illustrators who create valuable content on a day to day basis for our customers’ needs.

Last but not least, we have also turned Bannersnack into a platform where teams can easily collaborate, and their members can leave feedback on designs, which improves the workflow in large teams. These are just some of the features we launched lately, with plenty more to come.

Q: What makes you the most powerful online banner maker on the web?

A: I believe that our main asset is the fact that we are not just an online banner maker tool. That is how we started this adventure, some 12 years ago, but since then, things have significantly changed and evolved. I believe banner advertising is not dead, but instead, it reinvented itself, so we are here to help people make the transition. To make the best visuals for all platforms out there, we empower marketers and designers to easily create content for all of them in record time. We are a complex tool that saves them time and effort, and most importantly, we make our customers stand out from the crowd through beautiful templates and an ever-updating elements library.

Q: How do you simplify the design process?

A: We are working towards simplifying the design process by talking with our customers, engaging with them, and trying to understand their behavior. For instance, with our latest major feature release, the Photoshop Integration, we want designers to have more time for their creative tasks and to spend less time with menial tasks and small alterations. Photoshop is a major tool used by all designers today, but not necessarily by their clients, so we want to make it easier for designers to get the job done faster.

To make the design process more straightforward, we have to think of it as a two-step operation, that is simplified with the help of Bannersnack. The first part refers to the creation and iteration of the design, and the second one focuses on the actual work. We believe that by easing the communication in the first part, we will help them focus on what is important. We have many features such as ‘shared link,’ ‘in-app comments,’ which go hand in hand with our latest integration, having the purpose of helping with execution time. If cross-team communication is simplified, then the progress on projects is easier to follow.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: First of all, we want to continue improving communication between the critical players when it comes to creating a design (client-designer-client). In our quest to become market leaders, we have built amazing features to help us, while doing everything with the sole purpose of helping our customers achieve the results they want for their online campaigns. We will keep delivering the best customer experience and creating beautiful designs and content. You should expect Bannersnack to become the creator of a hotspot when it comes to the creative industry.