WinnowPro Delivers Digitally Essential Solutions To Help Clients Maximize Paid Advertising Performance In The Automotive Industry

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Below is our recent interview with Andrea Mullins, Senior Marketing Manager at WinnowPro:

Q: Andrea , what is WinnowPro?

A: WinnowPro is a technology company focused on providing automated digital solutions that are dedicated to improving customer experience resulting in better business flow. Through the strategic balance of human expertise and uniquely crafted technologies, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, WinnowPro has adopted the methodologies to consistently produce digital solutions that provide businesses with competitive edge, greater profitability, and more satisfied customers. As an agile company, WinnowPro builds and strengthens the bridge between customer and business. We are constantly evolving our products based on feedback and data to enhance our market-specific solutions.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: WinnowPro’s DrivePro Chat is a game changer that allows dealers to better service customers looking for a vehicle through built-in intelligence with lightning response speed, which is expected in today’s world. The platform integrates various data sources and presents relevant data, as required, to the customer when appropriate without having to move away from the chat interaction. Being a data based and customer centric company allows WinnowPro to introduce a new AI powered chatbot, DrivePro Chat, to the automotive industry. By analyzing and serving real-time data, DrivePro Chat will change the industry as we know it. DrivePro Chat embodies AI that gives us the ability to focus attention on a better user experience – one that is fast, consistent, and accurate. This also gives back time to salespeople allowing them to attend to pre-qualified and qualified sales prospects.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: At WinnowPro, we are looking at improving customer experiences by bringing the dealership’s offering to the customer via a communication channel they prefer on a platform of their preference when they are ready to communicate. Also, providing fast, accurate, and comprehensive information to facilitate their decision process. This improves company growth opportunities by enhancing the customer/business relationship.

WinnowPro has various digital offerings, including two recent additions; DrivePro Chat, mentioned earlier and our CIT (Competitive Intelligence Tool). CIT is a proprietary platform that integrates myriad external data sources as well as WinnowPro proprietary data needed to help dealerships gain valuable insights and strategize to win market share.

Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: You can expect WinnowPro to continually innovate in the areas of process optimization and customer experience using the latest in technology. We are currently developing several digital products that will disrupt the market and change the way automotive and other vertical markets interact with their customers. We will continue to create close partnerships with industry leaders to solve existing or anticipated problems through new approaches, integrations and optimizations. You can expect us to expand our offering using this approach to other industries such as Education and Real Estate.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: WinnowPro is a Silicon Valley based company and a part of a technology group servicing a variety of industries from Media & Entertainment to Cyber Security, globally. We are composed of highly accomplished teams working together to bring innovative strategy & concepts to markets in need of technological boosts. Generating novel ideas and approaches to address issues and concerns of target industries, we develop products and services that become prevalent.

WinnowPro has been awarded 2020 Most Promising Google Marketing Company by CIO Review and recently received the 2021 Most Recommended Google Marketing Solutions Provider by The Enterprise World. Given the extremely competitive landscape, we are proud of these recognitions and will continue to develop innovative technology-based products that will serve our client needs and exceed their expectations.