Virsec Protects The World’s Most Important Applications And Systems From The Inside

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Below is our recent interview with Dave Furneaux, CEO of Virsec:

Q: What’s the best thing about Virsec that people might not know about?

A: In today’s complex threat environment, conventional security solutions are no longer adequate to protect against advanced attack scenarios. Virsec is pioneering a new approach to cybersecurity. We think we are leading an important mission because as an industry, we can and should do better when it comes to cybersecurity. Network or endpoint security isn’t enough to protect against today’s threats. More importantly, they are ineffective against runtime exploits, where attacks are executing undetected. Today’s cyber tactics and techniques thrive on unpredictability and count on an organization’s lack of visibility and context. Virsec makes sure business-critical applications always execute correctly.

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Q: What is your core competence?

A: Virsec stops threats without prior knowledge, delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy, while simplifying security operations. Our security platform takes an unconventional approach to monitoring and addressing today’s threats, like those that went unnoticed for months as part of the SolarWinds breach. Our solution provides complete runtime visibility and protection. This approach is instrumented in the application workload and delivers automated protection and awareness across the application stack from the inside. We call it application-awareness: our technology maps what applications are allowed to do and instantly identifies any deviation from normal, treats it as a threat, and stops it before damage is done. This approach delivers the type of comprehensive protection mission-critical organizations require and protects all applications on any platform.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: Security has entered a third wave, driven by the marked success of sophisticated cyberattacks. It is time for security to be re-evaluated at its deepest levels and approached holistically by integrating security into IT and application infrastructures in runtime across a broad range of environments and application languages. Virsec has pioneered this approach with 48 patents (and counting!) and a breakthrough platform, designed to address advanced cybersecurity challenges.

Q: What advantage does Virsec have over its competitors?

A: We look at things in a different way. We refuse to accept the norm as what should be used to ensure the protection of data, infrastructure, and assets. We think it is imperative we change the way we think about protection. Conventional security tools, like blacklisting models, were designed to address yesterday’s challenges, and we can’t continue to accept these offerings as our best option.

Virsec is the only vendor to protect the entire attackable surface of the application during runtime. We enable businesses to consolidate their security infrastructure while dramatically reducing analysis time and labor, and that is why we’re the choice of some the largest, mission-critical brands in the world.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: It’s an exciting time for us at Virsec. Earlier this month, we announced that John Chambers, the former Executive Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, joined Virsec as an investor and strategic advisor, and Jim Routh, the former CISO for MassMutual, joined us as Chief Security Advisor and Board Participant. These mark important appointments for us because they demonstrate the support for the breakthrough technology that Virsec has pioneered.

Over the next quarter, we also plan to release an updated version of our platform that extends protection across container workloads. This enhanced capability adds contextual awareness to security and delivers precise protection that stops any evolving cyberattack within containerized workloads.

For us, the sky is the limit. We want to break the barriers of traditional cybersecurity approaches and take the industry into the next evolution of protection, driven by intelligent technology that delivers the protection companies deserve.