Travel App Trends To Expect In 2023 And Beyond

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As technology continues to develop, travel and tourism companies are finding more ways to reach customers and help make travel planning easier and more convenient. Data from Statista on online travel agencies revealed that the global revenue of leading online travel agencies rose in 2021, generating more than $27 billion in total. Aside from making travel plans, travelers also rely on online travel agencies to book hotels, experiences, and dining services.

According to statistics from Business of Apps, there were over one billion travel app users in 2022, with approximately 1.5 billion people taking trips worldwide. More than 75% of these travelers used a smartphone or website to book their travel plans. Understanding current and upcoming trends in travel apps can help travelers better plan their next travel experience. At the same time, travel companies can also benefit by learning from current trends to identify new areas to improve and problems to solve. Below, we’ll look at some key travel app trends to expect in 2023 and beyond:

Last minute bookings

Last minute holidays have become a trend recently as more and more people seek spontaneous getaways on a budget. The last minute holiday packages from easyJet showcase how these deals take care of most aspects of a spur-of-the-moment getaway. With easyJet this includes flights, hotel, and a 23kg baggage allowance — and if you book a beach or lake holiday, they may also include airport transfers. Aside from the wide range of destinations to choose from, travelers are also treated to cheaper booking rates, ensuring a memorable and affordable travel experience. easyJet’s surge in last minute bookings has led to an increase in profits, with the low-cost airline reporting pre-tax profits of £203 million ($259 million) earlier this year.

All-in-one solutions

Gone are the days of having to rely on separate applications and websites for the many different aspects of your travel planning. In our previous post on Travcoding’s turnkey web and mobile solutions, we highlighted the company’s commitment to providing the design and implementation of search and booking platforms and other associated support systems for a full range of potential partners. With developments in technology and connectivity, travel planning has become relatively easier in recent years as most travel companies have made it possible for travelers to book flights, accommodations, and other travel experiences from one platform. Companies like Travcoding help travel companies offer their customers a complete booking and fulfillment process.

AI travel apps

With the rise of AI chatbots and generative AI technologies, travel companies have honed in on the potential benefits of integrating AI into their websites, applications, and tools. Skift’s insights on AI travel tools highlighted vacation rental listing platform HomeToGo’s recent plans to release an AI tool to help users book accommodation based on specific preferences. Other travel companies such as Airbnb and Uber have also expressed interest in how generative AI can change the way their businesses operate externally and internally. Currently, the travel industry shares a similar goal — a virtual travel agent that can make recommendations and complete bookings based on highly personalized preferences provided by customers.

Ultimately, as the digital technologies around us continue to develop and change, so will how we interact with travel websites and applications. Whether you’re planning a much-needed European city vacation for the end of the year or are interested in a spur-of-the-moment last minute holiday for a quick break, there’s no denying that today’s travel apps have made booking and reservations more convenient and reliable. While it may be too soon to predict AI’s impact on travel apps, it will be interesting to see how it can change the travel industry and your travel plans.