Three Netflix Tips That Will Change Your Stream Experience

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A lot of people are cutting the cable and switching to streaming services like Netflix to watch movies and TV shows. These hacks will change the way you stream.

1) Netflix Roulette

Scrolling through the lists and lists of titles can be daunting in a pain when you aren’t sure what you really want to watch. Try You can pick a category, certain actors or key words.


2) Hidden Menu

If you are tired of the video buffering screen, hit ctrl+shift+ alt+S for PC(or control+shift+option+S for MAC) and the screen will appear. Under video bit rate select a smaller number and hit overwrite. You will get lower quality video but you will no longer buffer. To reset it, open the menu again and hit reset.

3) Netflix ID Bible

Netflix has categories you see when looking for flicks to watch, but you might not know there are secret categories. Google search for Netflix ID Bible and then look for category codes. You will then type in a new web address followed by category code.