Teridion Expands Global, Cloud-Native SD-WAN Service To China

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Things have been moving very quickly for Teridion since we last spoke almost a year ago. Here is our recent interview with Pej Roshan, VP of Products and Marketing at Teridion:

Q: It has been quite a while since we last spoke. How have things been going at Teridion?

A: Things have been moving very quickly for us here at Teridion since we last spoke almost a year ago. We have been innovating on the product front, and expanding on our key technology alliances and channel partnerships. Customer acquisition has been significant, and 2019 was the year the industry really stood up and took notice of the innovative cloud-based SD-WAN service that Teridion delivers, Teridion for Enterprise, that needs just broadband Internet to equip the middle mile with reliable and accelerated connectivity.

Q: You recently announced a new SD-WAN service for enterprises with locations in China. Can you tell me about that?

A: Yes, partners and customers have been very excited about this. We have announced the availability of Teridion for Enterprise in China. As a result, global customers with locations in China can easily deploy Teridion for Enterprise across their entire network, using only Internet broadband connections to gain compliant access to mainland China with all of the performance, reliability, and global network management benefits of Teridion’s cloud-based SD-WAN service.

Teridion’s global SD-WAN service is fully integrated with all leading WAN, SD-WAN and security edge solutions from providers such as Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Citrix, Palo Alto and others, and also supports connectivity to legacy branch office routers and firewalls. With our new offering, customers can expect lightning-fast file transfers, pristine voice and video sessions, and overall performance comparable to MPLS to and from China.

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Q: What makes it difficult for an enterprise to get high-performance, low-cost WAN links in China?

A: One word – regulations. In 2018 China began blocking IPSec over the Internet via the Great Firewall of China. This made it impossible for enterprises to deploy SD-WAN over broadband in China. It forced companies with a presence in China to connect to those facilities with MPLS circuits, which in China are particularly expensive and bandwidth constrained. Our unique cloud-native architecture put us in a position to deliver high-performance SD-WAN to locations in China across broadband, while remaining compliant with MIIT/CDTIA regulations.

Q: Haven’t other providers solved these issues?

A: Well, sort of. There are managed IPSec services available from some carriers, but these typically have relatively poor performance, high cost, lack of geographic availability, and/or lack of deployment agility and flexibility. Of course, as I mentioned, MPLS is also available. MPLS is always expensive relative to other options, but in China it’s outrageous. A 10mbps MPLS connection could be $10-15K per month. Prior to this announcement, this connectivity was a seriously unaddressed problem, but now enterprises no longer need to deploy costly carrier circuits or MPLS networks to gain high performance connectivity to or from their sites in China.

Q: What are you hearing from customers and partners about this latest capability you have launched?

A: Customers have been looking to us to deliver this service, to easily connect to their sites in China. Channel partners tell us they are excited to offer this service to their multi-national customer, to free them from reliance on costly MPLS to their China locations. They see this as a great competitive advantage, and helps enhance the services they can offer to their clients.

Customers and partners agree that they need an easy-to-install access solution for sites in China that delivers the performance, agility, simplicity and value they get from Teridion in the rest of the world. They tell us this new service is real game changer for them.

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Q: Anything else you would like to tell us about Teridion’s year so far?

A: Teridion continued to grow and show good traction during 2019. We expanded headcount, particularly on the engineering side to keep these innovative solutions flowing. The industry has also taken note of Teridion’s differentiation and the real cost-saving and connectivity benefits we offer. For example, the company was highlighted in multiple analyst reports during the year, including in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking.

On the awards front, in 2019 we received numerous recognitions by CRN, which we are especially proud of considering our channel focus. We were also honored in Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards Program, being named the most innovative SD-WAN service, and received multiple Product of the Year Awards in 2019, including the SD-WAN Product of the Year Award by Internet Telephony.