A5 Events Handles The Logistical And Operational Tasks To Put On An Event

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Below is our recent interview with Ryan Kugler, from A5 Events:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to A5 Events?

A: A5 Events, is an event coordinator. We are hired by non-profits, businesses and corporations to help them with any event that need to put on. We handle all of the logistical and operational tasks needed to put on a successful event.

Q: What exactly do you offer to your clients?

A: We offer a top notch event! When our clients hire us, we handle everything, we take the hassle out of the event, so that our customer, can actually enjoy their event and not worry about the little thing. We find the location/venue, book it, get any permits, staff the event, run the staff, and procure anything needed for the event, such as tables and chairs to talent to anything else needed to have a successful event. We even clean up after the event! Again, we do everything needed to put on a successful event so our customers can be at ease and have the participants, patrons, and guests go home happy saying “that was a great event”.

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Q: What makes you one of the top corporate event companies?

A: We started around 5 years ago handling one event, eventually our name and reputation of putting on successful events got around town. We are quick on our feet, know of and think of things that need to be done before they are even needed. Our staff and lines of communication are superb (we return calls and emails)! Because of this, we started getting referrals and growing, we grew by word of mouth-organically. We now produce over 30 events a year nationwide. Our events are all handled by our staff, we do not job out an event, this our philosophy, or mission statement holds true to every event we produce. Our core staff has worked successfully together for over 15 years!

Q: What types of events have you planned in the past?

A: Our menu of events ranges from Charity Runs and Walks, to Team Building, to Conventions, to Sports Days, to Art shows and more. No event is too big or too small for us. Whatever you can imagine we can make it happen! Basically our customer comes to us with an idea, a concept and we put it into reality. Or vice versa, the clients comes to us and says, I need an event and want this….then we build it from there.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: To keep growing both Nationwide and Internationally. In fact, we have a couple bids out for some events in Europe and abroad. In any profession, it does take a certain skill, wherewithal, know how to do that thing, we really know events and know what needs to be done to make it happen and on time. We have never had an event start late, or missing this, or that! Also, as we grow, we purchase more and more equipment. When you hire an event company that owns their own tables, chairs, tents, stage, AV, that is a sign of a well-rounded event company thus saving you money in the long run as you don’t need to spend additional funds renting this or that!